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  • The Collector’s Corner: Masters of the Universe, Part 1
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The Collector’s Corner Is Back! Today, Transformers, Part 1!

Welcome back to The Collector’s Corner. Yes, I know what you are thinking, “He said he would be back in a week, where has he been?” Well, I am glad that you asked. Apparently, my interview with Cobra Commander (see our main page) got me into a little hot water, […]
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The Sports Section

Well, Super Bowl XLVIII officially brings us to the end of football season until sometime around September. The Seattle Seahawks won their first-ever Lombardi Trophy by beating Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos by a score of 43-8. Malcolm Smith, linebacker for Seattle, is this year’s Super Bowl MVP. He picked Peyton Manning and then […]
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Cobra Commander

My Interview With Cobra Commander

The Quiet Room office building is not your normal office building. As you may have seen in past postings of pictures or other articles, we have held boxing competitions on the roof, water polio (yes, water polio, it did not go over well), golf, hockey, and other athletic competitions among […]
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Masters of the Universe

The Collector’s Corner: Masters of the Universe, Part 1

Welcome back to The Collector’s Corner. I was extremely busy last week helping my daughter sell Girl Scout cookies. It cut into my daily routine more than I had anticipated. But, I am back this week with an all new installment and today I am going to talk about another […]
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The Collector’s Corner: G.I. Joe, Part 1

Welcome back to the Collector’s Corner, the little section here at the Quiet Room where I like to talk about toys. We have established my love for toys and why I love them, now we get to delve into a look at my favorite toyline ever, G.I. Joe. So, first […]
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The Sports Section

What a weekend we’ve had in football! We’ve had a National Championship Game, bowl week and the first round of NFL playoffs! I missed last week because I was sick, and I still am, but the show must go on. If you’ve got the stomach flu or the bad cough that’s going […]
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The Force is Strong With…Marvel?

As many of you know, Disney owns a lot of things out there. Amusement parks, movie studios, television networks, cruise lines, the souls of small children, comic book publishers, and more are owned by The House That Walt Built. In 2009, Disney acquired Marvel, one of the Big Two in […]
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Transcript of QRE Staff Meeting, Wednesday, Jan 1st, 2014

QRE STAFF MEETING Transcribed by: William Cadderly Attendees: Garv Justin Jake Bestselling Author Brandon Hale Cadderly Tony (via satellite) Josh Ryan Tom Frankenstein’s Monster   Garv: Okay, guys. Welcome to 2014! It’s about time… Where’s my calendar? Cadderly: Your calendar? Garv: Yeah, my calendar that I got from the Chinese […]
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G.I. Joe

Let’s Talk About Toys

Here at the Quiet Room, we each have our own interests. We all love a variety of entertainment, and share common interests with each other, of course. For instance, we all love music, although Garv is quite the guitar player. Jake loves to read and loves the classic Universal Monsters. Ryan […]
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