Happy Birthday – October 3rd

by William on October 3, 2012

Happy birthday to these people who have entertained us in one way or another…

Gwen StefaniGwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani, 43, ain’t no ‘Hollaback Girl’. We’re still not sure what that means, but we know she isn’t one. And even though her song ‘Spiderwebs‘ (along with her band ‘No Doubt’) is being played on Halloween playlists, we’re pretty sure it has nothing to do with Halloween.



Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee
Tommy Lee, 51, is the famed drummer and solo artist from the band Mötley Crüe. (Do they use the umlauts anymore?) Famous for his extracurricular activities as well as his music abilities, Tommy Lee had some controversial things to say about his fans earlier this year.


Lindsey BuckinghamLindsey Buckingham

Guitarist for classic rock staples ‘Fleetwood Mac’, Lindsey Buckingham is 63 today. That could be the number of years he’s acquired, or the number of centimeters in his forehead. We’re not sure.

Either way, here’s their best song ever.


Sadly, today would also have been the birthday of Stevie Ray Vaughan, who passed away in 1990. Even though it’s hard to choose from his songs, here’s one of our perennial favorites.

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