QRE Halloween Horror Movie Countdown – Day 25

by William on October 7, 2012

Here’s our recommendation for Day 25:

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’

The film which you are about to see is an account of the tragedy which befell a group of five youths, in particular Sally Hardesty and her invalid brother, Franklin.

And with that begins a movie that would either fascinate or repulse moviegoers in 1974. Tobe Hooper (Salem’s Lot, Poltergeist) managed to hit that ‘perfect mix’. He got the crew to work long hours, seven days a week, and managed to make the entire film for less than $300,000. And when he was done, he had a horror masterpiece.

At the time, ‘Chainsaw Massacre‘ was considered an exploitation film, if only for the violence and gore. While it pretty much led the way for the modern ‘slasher’ flick (Halloween, Friday the 13th, etc), it also inspired plenty of cult ‘exploitation’ films, such as ‘I Spit On Your Grave’.

People were torn. Was this art? Was this just gratuitous violence? (The answer to both questions, by the way, is yes.) Theaters around the world immediately banned the film, some without even seeing it. Critics either hated it or loved it. Roger Ebert said it was “violent and gruesome and blood-soaked”, but loved the acting and technical aspects.

Love it or hate it, it’s our recommendation for Day 25 of the Halloween Horror Movie Countdown.

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