QRE Halloween Horror Movie Countdown – Day 24

by William on October 8, 2012

Here’s our recommendation for Day 24:

Shaun of the Dead‘Shaun of the Dead’

Having ‘Shaun of the Dead‘ come in at such a low number on our Halloween Horror Countdown caused a lot of arguments here at the QRE offices. We all love this movie, and if we had just been naming movies from the top of our head it would have been at least in the top 5, if not number one. We all did agree, however, that no list would be complete without it, so here it is.

Starting Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, ‘Shaun of the Dead‘ combines a romance, a bromance and zombies into one hell of a fun movie. You’d be hard pressed to find a movie in which all of the elements – story, acting, effects, etc – all come together as well as they do in ‘SotD’.

This one’s a must-see. If you haven’t watched it, go out and buy it. Yes, right now. We’ll wait.

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