QRE Halloween Horror Movie Countdown – Day 23

by Irky on October 9, 2012

Here’s our recommendation for Day 23:

Paranormal ActivityParanormal Activity

Taking queues from the success of ‘The Blair Witch Project‘, ‘Paranormal Activity’ played up many of the same aspects: “found” footage, grainy self-shot film, and monsters that you never actually see. And once again, they worked brilliantly. Films like this prove that your imagination can scare you just as much as things you’re actually shown.

Since the entire movie was filmed in one house (as have been each of the subsequent ‘Paranormal Activity’ sequels) the budget was kept to around $15,000. Paramount/DreamWorks acquired the rights to the movie for $350,00, and the movie ended up making nearly $110 million at the US box office, and nearly double that worldwide.

Not bad for something that was originally made for the price of a used car, eh?

Part of the appeal and scare factor of ‘Paranormal Activity’ is that this happens, as we said, in one very normal house. This is a normal, everyday couple in a normal, everyday setting. Nothing is out of the ordinary until bad things start happening, giving viewers the impression that things like this could very well happen to them, even in the safety and sanctity of their own homes.

As for the sequels, we’ll leave those for another post and discussion. But for today, we definitely recommend ‘Paranormal Activity’.

Trailer below.


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