The Sports Section – NCAA and NFL Wrapup

by Tony on October 10, 2012

South Carolina GeorgiaWhat a week for college football! The polls are all messed up now, and that’s a good thing. You really don’t get that clear picture of who should really be where in the top 25 until about week 7, and this was proven this past weekend with numbers 3, 4 and 5 all going down. Number 6 South Carolina knocked off number 5 Georgia, number 10 Florida beat number 4 LSU and unranked NC State held on for a big win over 3 Florida State University.

The good thing about all of this is that it probably won’t be Alabama and LSU in the title game again this year, but the bad news is it will probably still be two SEC teams. Oregon is the main hope, holding strong at number 2, but Florida, who jumped to number 4, could top them in the polls, even if they both win out. In order for that to happen, Florida still has to beat Georgia and South Carolina, both top ten teams. And then in the SEC title game they’d have to play Alabama, and, assuming they won, they’d have a bid for the BCS title game, where they would play whomever is number 2 at the time. There are many arguments for a playoff system, but if a team can do all that, how much would you really want them to prove?

Another possible contender would be Notre Dame. They played against Miami Saturday, blowing them out heartily. They managed to hold the new ACC record-holding quarterback scoreless, with the Hurricanes only being able to turn in one field goal. Despite looking great in the first quarter, two dropped touchdown passes on the first drive really set the tone for the game. If SEC teams continue to beat each other, look for the Irish to be in a BCS bowl at the end of the year.

Robert Griffin III KTFO, Jonathan Massaquoi, Jonathan BabineauxThen we have the NFL. A lot of fantasy players are holding their breath for next week already. Arizona dropped their first of the season, the Jets lost a receiver and a great defensive player, and none other than RG III with the first concussion of his career. Welcome to the NFL, Griffin! This is why Cam Newton doesn’t play the same style in the NFL as he played in college: it hurts too much when you get caught. Stay healthy and let your plays develop – you can’t force them at this level. Remember, even the crappy teams have professional level players, and if they decide to let you have it, you’ll get it.

One major thing I want to touch on this week is Tim Tebow. After watching the poor clock management by Rex Ryan on Monday Night Football and seeing it come down to a throw by Sanchez, I’m not so sure we’ll see him keep his starting position for two more weeks. Pass after pass was batted down tonight, poor decisions were made, and just overall getting read like a book by the defense probably won’t keep you in a stable position, especially considering the fans already want Tebow in there. And when he is put in, he’s not doing half bad.

Cromartie is making up for the players lost on defense, or at least trying his best (and not doing too shabby a job of it), but nothing is making up for the losses on the offensive side of the ball. I bet they really miss Thomas Jones and Ladanian Tomlinson right now! A lot of teams are suffering from a weak running game, but the Jets could have a better record than the Patriots if they had signed Jones or Addai in the preseason. Even Green Bay signed a veteran running back, Cedric Benson, just for stability. We’ll see how it plays out in the weeks coming, but given the situations on the field this week, I bet we are about to see a lot more praying on Sundays!

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