Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere – A QRE Review (No Spoilers)

by Brandon on October 15, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 3AMC
Sunday Nights, 9pm EST
Not available on Dish – trust us, they won’t let you forget. Even if you have cable.

As a series, The Walking Dead has been a bit of a roller coaster. Season 1 was an amazing ride, start to finish. Season 2 definitely had its ups and downs. By the middle of the season, I really no longer cared if they ever found Sophia… I just wanted them (and the plot) to move on. From there, however, season 2 picked up steam and ended up delivering a solid – if uneven – season.

So what about the season 3 premiere?

Well, I’m happy to say it accomplished nearly everything a season premiere should accomplish. The action was tense, fun, and meaningful, while the story moved with a solid pace (with the exception of one sing-along). And – without giving away any spoilers – I’ll just say the final scenes were extremely atmospheric and engrossing.

Where is CarlThe most important job of a season premiere is to say, “Hey, folks, this season is going to rock.” I’d say this premiere accomplished that goal. When the episode ended, I found myself immediately thinking about what was coming next.

More importantly, I wasn’t overly annoyed by any of the characters during this episode. Last season, there were episodes where I found myself wishing someone would just kick Lori in the teeth and I really wondered why they didn’t just handcuff Carl to the damn bed.

This season picks up a few months after the end of last season’s finale. I think this was a smart move. It allowed us to see that the characters have grown. I was surprisingly interested in the dynamic between Lori and Rick… and Carl has turned into a bit of a mini-Rick, which I liked.

Overall, the episode was a winner. I’m looking forward to the next installment, and I’m certainly looking forward to what I hope will be a very strong season.

My rating: Out of 7,243,217 stars, I give it 6,115,341 stars. I know that’s a little high, but I really liked this episode. It was definitely a good start.

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