QRE Halloween Horror Movie Countdown – Day 16

by Irky on October 16, 2012

Here’s our recommendation for Day 16:

The Omen‘The Omen’

One of the movies that helped us decide that kids can be effin’ creepy, ‘The Omen‘ hit theaters in 1976, just before Jimmy Carter’s election. Now, we’re not saying that people thought Gregory Peck was some kind of allegory for Gerald Ford, but hey – the numbers speak for themselves.

Spawning a series of god-awful sequels, ‘The Omen’ tells the story of a man who is unwittingly raising a child who is literally the son of Satan. Switched at birth without his knowledge, Ol’ Scratch’s kid ends up going home with the US ambassador to England – and soon lets it be known that he’s on the path to acting just like dear old dad.

If you like your kids creepy, your dogs vicious, and your nursemaids hanging from a window on the top floor, then ‘The Omen’ is just the movie for you. It’s available for streaming right here on Netflix.

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