3 Zombie Games to Help You Enjoy the Halloween Season

by Brandon on October 17, 2012

Here at QRE, we’re doing our best to help you enjoy Halloween. We’ve got a plethora of articles on classic horror movies and we’re counting down our picks for the best Halloween movies to watch during this season of the witch.

Well, if you’re a gamer, here are three good Xbox 360 zombie games to help you get your creepy on…

Left 4 DeadLeft 4 Dead (1 or 2)

Gameplay: First Person Shooter

If you want frantic, this is the game for you. The levels are short, tense, and full of action. The Left 4 Dead games will keep you on edge for the entire duration of the game.

Whether you’re playing single player, split-screen, or online, this game never gives you a moment to relax. The best thing about Left 4 Dead is the simplicity. You don’t have complicated goals. You’re not trying to save humanity or save a town.

You have one goal: Survive.

Sounds simple, huh? Yeah, it’s totally not.


Dead IslandDead Island

Gameplay: First Person Shooter

Like Left 4 Dead, Dead Island is a first person shooter about zombies. You can play single player or online multiplayer (sadly, there’s no split-screen option).

The similarities, however, end there. Dead Island is a story-based, open world game where you really feel like you’re living a zombie apocalypse. It takes place at an island resort, and the story pulls you in immediately. While escape is the primary goal, it’s rarely a matter of getting from point A to point B. Dead Island is a quest-driven game.

In Dead Island, you’ll meet (and help) survivors and you’ll stumble across many side-missions. Add to that the addition of drivable vehicles and you’ll really get the feeling that you’re on that island, surviving the apocalypse.

The atmosphere is wonderfully bright and bloody. After a few hours of playing, I found myself reacting to the world as if it were an actual zombie apocalypse. Instead of killing every zombie, I found myself avoiding them. When I’d get sent into a zombie infested area, I instinctively tried to complete the objectives without getting noticed by the undead. This wasn’t because of any gameplay reason. It was because… well… they’re zombies.

And zombies are things you’d naturally want to avoid. Unless you’re just stupid.

Resident Evil 6Resident Evil 6

Gameplay: Third Person Shooter

Finally, Resident Evil feels like a zombie game again. As far as gameplay is concerned, this game plays very much like Resident Evil 5.

However – especially with Leon’s campaign – the atmosphere makes all the difference. Unlike RE5, this game’s tone is dark. And the real fun (for me) came with the fact that Leon is once again taking on traditional zombies.

The game can be played single player or multiplayer (online or split-screen). Resident Evil 6 has received mixed reviews from the “professionals” but I can say this… to me, it felt like a very nice blend of the classic Resident Evil games and the new ones. The controls are like RE5, but the atmosphere is more like RE2.

If you’re looking for some classic zombie survival, I definitely recommend Resident Evil 6. Above all else, it’s just fun to step back into that world.

So there you have it. If you have an Xbox 360 and you want to kill some zombies during the Halloween season, these three games are sure to help you get your fix.

Have fun surviving the apocalypse!

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