Local Haunted Attractions – A QRE Review

by Garv on October 21, 2012

MECC Haunted ForestLast night, Saturday, Oct 20th, my wife and I decided to take advantage of our kid-free status and visit  some of the local haunted attractions that are running for the 2012 Halloween season. We were already in Big Stone Gap for Home Crafts Days at MECC, so we figured we may as well stick around until dark and check out their Haunted Forest.

After a rather lengthy wait in line – around 4o minutes – we finally got our call to start through the Haunted Forest. There was a family who went through with us: a father and three kids, two boys (guesstimated to be around 8 and 12) and a girl (who was also around 12).

As usual, the Haunted Forest did not disappoint. Creepy, foggy forest, plenty of ghouls and other inhabitants of nightmare-ville make for a fun time, especially if there are some kids to listen to along the way!

Pros: Low price, local, fun, good scare

Cons: Uphill walking on sometimes unlevel ground, extended wait time in line

Grade: B

After we left the Haunted Forest, we decided to check out The Haunted Park at Bullitt Park, also in BSG.

I did not go through this one last year. I had planned to, but ended up standing outside with the kid who refused to go through it, so I had no idea what to expect.

The Haunted Park was, for lack of a better term, odd. While it was fun, and at times amusing, there were some parts of the tour that were just really strange. I won’t go into the details here (in keeping with our “No Spoilers Rule”), but I will say that I was definitely entertained.

Pros: Low price, local, long – you definitely get your money’s worth, short wait time in line

Cons: Strangely peculiar

Grade: B

Both attractions will be open next weekend as well. For more information and reviews about these attractions, check out our friend Ked’s site, WicKED Ways Productions.

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