QRE Halloween Horror Movie Countdown – Recap

Shawn of the DeadBefore we get into our top 10, here’s a recap of the movies we’ve recommended so far this month:

31. Cabin in the Woods 
30. Return of the Living Dead 
29. Zombieland 
28. The Wolfman 
27. The Thing
26. The Blair Witch Project 
25. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 
24. Shaun of the Dead 
23. Paranormal Activity 
22. Interview With the Vampire
21. Frankenstein 
20. Dracula 
19. The Nightmare Before Christmas
18. Dawn of the Dead 
17. Creepshow 
16. The Omen 
15. Alien 
14. 28 Days Later 
13. Ghostbusters 
12. Beetlejuice 
11. Friday the 13th: Part II 

Think we’ve got them in the wrong order? Is your list better? Let us know in the comments below!

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