Taken 2 – A QRE Review

by Brandon on October 22, 2012

Taken 2We had a reader suggest we review Taken 2. Here you go, Nick…

One day, when I was seven years old, my mom was cooking dinner. I looked at the stove’s eye and saw that it was glowing bright orange. It looked really neat. Of course I knew that meant it was hot.

But how hot? I was incredibly curious how hot a stove had to be in order to actually glow like that. So – for science – I touched the stove.

The pain was excruciating.

I screamed, darted to the sink, and ran cold water over my blistered finger. My mom treated my new wound and chastised me for touching the stove.

The next day, my mom was again cooking dinner. The stove’s eye again began to glow bright orange.

I did not touch the glowing stove.


Because I learned – through my own painful experience – that if you touch a glowing stove, it will burn your damn finger.

I learned this when I was seven years old.

Apparently, the people who think it’s a good idea to screw with Liam Neeson didn’t have stoves in their homes when growing up.

Overall Rating of the Movie:
The exact same rating you would have given Taken. If you loved Taken, you’ll love this. If you hated Taken, you’ll hate this.


Note to Nick (the reader who suggested the Taken 2 review): I haven’t actually watched the movie yet, but I’m pretty sure my review is accurate.

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