Evaluation of the Final Presidential Debate

by Irky on October 24, 2012

Having now watched the third debate, I’ve come to an important conclusion about each of the candidates.

First, I’ll discuss what I’ve realized about Romney…

Mitt Romney loves Barack Obama’s voice.

Look at this picture…

Romney & Obama

You know what I see when I look at this?

I see a man who loves what he’s hearing.

I’m not going to presume Romney is in love with Obama. As far as I know, he’s happily married.

We can also reasonably exclude the possibility that Romney loves the words Obama is saying. Clearly, he doesn’t. He’s running against him in a presidential election. Obviously, he’s not going to love hearing his opponent argue against him.

That leads me – through deduction – to one possibility: Romney loves Obama’s voice.

Nothing wrong with that… we all heard Obama sing that song earlier this year. My conclusion is neither an insult nor a compliment. It’s a simple observation.

Now, it’s up to you as a voter to decide if it’s admirable that Romney appreciates a good voice or if it’s pathetic that he loves the voice of his political opponent.

Moving on to the president, I noticed something rather significant about Obama…

Barack Obama thinks he can force-choke people.

Look at this picture…

Darth Obama

I think we all know what he’s doing here. There’s really no question about it.

Just to make sure you have no doubt, let me show you another picture…

Darth Vader

They are clearly doing the exact same thing!

The fact that Romney never reacted to Obama’s attempts to force-choke him tell me that Obama can’t actually perform this act… but he tried.

The man tried to force-choke his opponent. 

Now, as a voter, it’s up to you to decide whether you find it admirable that he tried to force-choke Romney or pathetic that he thinks he has that power.

So that’s it. You now have all the important facts from the final debate.

Think about what you’ve learned. The fate of the universe depends on your vote.

I’m not just saying that. I have specific knowledge that the entire universe is in jeopardy and only you can save it.

By voting.

I’m obviously not talking to all of our readers. I’m just talking to you.

You know who you are.




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