QRE Halloween Horror Movie Countdown – Day 8

Here’s our recommendation for Day 8:

Silver Bullet‘Silver Bullet’

Around the QRE office, we really dig Halloween. We love it all – ghosts, goblins, spooks, specters… But when it comes to monsters, we admit that we’re stuck on the top two: vampires and werewolves. Sure, we love zombies, and witches, and poltergeists and all that good stuff. But nothing else quite has the bite (ha!) of a good story about creatures that can not only kill you, but can make you one of them.

So when you add two of our favorite things together (Stephen King and Gary Busey), you get ‘Silver Bullet’. Set in a small town in Maine (a King story in Maine? Get out of here!), ‘Silver Bullet’ is the tale of a little boy (Corey Haim!), who just happens to be paraplegic, and his dysfunctional family, as they try to both discover and stop a werewolf that’s killing people.

If Garv had his way this would have been higher on the list, but he was outnumbered, so it’s coming in here at number 8.

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