QRE Halloween Horror Movie Countdown – Day 6

by Irky on October 26, 2012

Here’s our recommendation for Day 6:


‘Halloween’ is responsible for one of the creepiest movie monsters ever: Michael Myers. Wearing nothing but a white mask* and never speaking, Myers has escaped from a mental institution and is now on a killing spree, all the while avoiding the only man who can stop him, Dr. Loomis (played by the incredibly awesome Donald Pleasance).

Spawning some of the strangest sequels in slasher-flick history, ‘Halloween’ is still a favorite of purists. There wasn’t a huge exposition of back story (and there didn’t need to be, Rob Zombie!), just some guy who was crazy – and apparently immortal – on a killing spree. We loved it, and we’re sure you will, too.


*Yes, we’re aware it was a William Shatner mask turned inside out

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