QRE Essential Listening – Van Morrison, Into The Mystic

by Garv on November 1, 2012

A new feature we’re starting for the month of November here at QRE: ‘Essential Listening’

You know how there are some songs that you simply must have your friends listen to? Yeah, between us all, we have a big list of those songs. Some of them you may know, some of them you might never have heard of before now.

We’re sure you’ll find something you like. With songs across all genres, and from all of time up until now, how could there not be?

We’re starting off the list with ‘Into The Mystic’, by Irish singer-songwriter Van Morrison. ‘Into The Mystic’ was recorded for the 1970 album ‘Moondance’. According to the BBC, “…it is among the most popular songs doctors listen to while operating”, mainly because of its easy, medium tempo.

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