Happy Birthday – November 3rd

Happy birthday to these people who have entertained us in one way or another…

Roseanne BarrRoseanne Barr – 60

(Insert joke about either a) fat people or b) women’s rights here)




Dolph LundgrenDolph Lungdren – 55

While we’re pretty sure we could take some second graders in a fight, there’s no way we could handle Drago. Because, you know, he’d break us.







Dennis MillerDennis Miller – 59

Hey man – we don’t want to get off on a rant here, but if we were going to wish someone happy birthday today, we’d have to make sure we didn’t forget this guy. Sure, he was sometimes funny, and sometimes…um…not funny, but he was the master of giving his viewpoint in a melodious yet poetic manner, often in a way that let his viewers wondering what the hell he’d just said. Ya know what we mean?


Honorable mentions for today:

Charles Bronson would have been 91 today
Adam Ant is 58
Kate Capshaw is 59
Michael Dukakis is 79 

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