Wreck-It Ralph – A QRE Review From An 8 Year Old

Wreck-It RalphDisney’s latest, ‘Wreck-it Ralph‘, opened this week and smashed the record for Disney Animation (see what we did there? smashed?), coming in with $49.1 million, way ahead of predictions (with plenty of thanks going to East Coast theaters being reopened). And since this is a kid’s movie, we thought – who better to review this movie than a kid?

With that in mind, we present the QRE review of Wreck-It Ralph by Garv’s 8-year old daughter, Ivey.

Last night, Saturday, November 3rd, I saw ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ at the Central Drive-In between Norton and Appalachia. My mom and dad took me, and I sat in the back of the truck. The back seat, not the back. It was too cold to sit in the back.

This movie starred John C. Reilly (Step Brothers) as Wreck-It Ralph, Sarah Silverman (School of Rock) as Vanellope von Schweetz, Jack McBray (Phineas And Ferb) as Felix Fix-It Junior, and Jane Lynch (Glee) as Calhoun.

Wreck-It Ralph is the bad guy in a video game with Felix Fix-It Jr. The people who live in the neighborhood in the game always give Felix medals and ignore Ralph because he’s the bad guy (even though he’s not a bad guy). He decides to go get his own medal, so he leaves his own game and goes to ‘Hero’s Duty’. (Watch your step when you’re there lol!)

Vanellope von SchweetzHe gets his medal and tries to leave through an escape pod, but ends up taking a bad alien with him. They both crash into the video game world of Sugar Rush.

Meanwhile, Felix is looking for Ralph – without Ralph, the game seems broken to people outside, and it’ll be unplugged and put into storage if he’s not back soon! Felix follows Ralph to Hero’s Duty where he meets Calhoun, and they go off in search of Ralph and the bad alien.

Back in Sugar Rush, a cutesy go-kart racing game, Felix meets and becomes friends with Vanellope von Schweetz, who is a glitch in the game. Since she’s a glitch, she’s picked on by all the normal go-kart drivers, and the king of Sugar Rush world, King Candy.

By the time Felix and Calhoun make it to Sugar Rush, things are very bad. Ralph has to help Vanellope win her first race, destroy the bad alien that he brought with him before it takes over the world of Sugar Rush, and get back to his own game before they’re out of order forever. But is there time?

Watch the movie to find out!

My favorite scene in the movie was when they were making a go-kart for Vanellope – it was very much like a real video game, and it seemed like they were having a difficult but fun time. Vanellope was also my favorite character – she was very funny.

Ralph and VanellopeI would say that kids who are five years old or older might sit through the whole thing. Anyone younger than that might get bored with it and not watch it all. And it’s okay for adults, I think – my mom and dad kept laughing, so I’m pretty sure they were entertained, too.

‘Wreck-It Ralph’ didn’t really remind me of any other movies – as far as I can tell, it’s pretty original. Then again, I haven’t seen ‘Taken 2′, so it might be just like that movie. I don’t know.


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