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by Tony on November 6, 2012

Notre Dame/Boston College Hello, everyone, and welcome back for Week 11 of the college footbal season! Last weekend, we saw some close calls, with number 1 Alabama narrowly escaping Baton Rouge with their undefeated season intact. Miami will travel to Virginia to try to stay up in the Coastal Division of the ACC following their big win over Virginia Tech, who hosts #9 Florida State this weekend. #3 Notre Dame also barely held on to win in triple-overtime over Pitt, and they will head to Boston College this weekend to fight in the Holy War and duke it out for the Ireland Trophy and the Frank Leahy Memorial Bowl. Also this weekend, we will see The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry, when the #5 Georgia Bulldogs take on the Auburn Tigers. While this game doesn’t quite have National Title implications that it sometimes has, it certainly should be a great game.

Other good games to watch for this Saturday will include #17 Texas trying to stay in the top 20 as they host Iowa State, Arkansas traveling to #8 South Carolina, Army at #23 Rutgers, take a look at that one for Rutgers’ Military Appreciation Uniforms, Missouri at Tennessee battle for the bottom of the SEC barrel in Knoxville, Georgia Tech at North Carolina, #11 Oregon State at #14 Stanford, #15 Texas A&M trying to knock off #1 Alabama in Tuscaloosa, #21 Mississippi State at #7 LSU, Penn State hoping to prove something at #16 Nebraska, and last but not least, #2 Kansas State heading to Texas Christian University, for what I like to call The Purple Nurple Bowl. Keep an eye on these games, this is the week where huge upsets begin to happen because we’re starting to get a decent picture of how these teams will end up for the bowl season, and we start to see standouts for the Heisman Trophy.
Quarterback Challenge

On to the NFL this week, Michael Vick was sacked 7 times and threw an interception that was taken all the way back to the house, 99 yards, in the Eagles’ Monday Night Football loss to Drew Brees and the Saints in The Big Easy. Brees went 21-27 for 239 yards and 2 touchdowns in the 28-13 win, and things are not looking good for Michael Vick. If he wants the rest of that 100 million dollar contract, he’s going to have to find a way to win games. That is, if his coach makes it through the season. On a better note, we now have reports that Chuck Pagano is starting round 2 of his leukemia treatments, and if things go well, he could be back on the sidelines at some point in the playoffs. Get better, Chuck.

We also have Andrew Luck sitting at 2,404 passing yards with the Colts being 5-3, but also we have Peyton Manning sitting at 2,404 passing yards, and the Broncos are also at 5-3. Is this saying something for Andrew Luck? He did break the record for single-game rookie passing yards Sunday with 433, and he and Peyton Manning are the only players in NFL history with 4 300-yard games in their first season, and Archie Manning’s replacement in 1983 was, you guessed it, Oliver Luck. But he’s just getting started, so time will tell.

On Sunday, we also saw Cam Newton and RGIII go at it, with Cam Newton teaching the newcomer a thing or two. The Packers have lost Clay Matthews for a couple of weeks with a hamstring injury, that’s going to hurt both him, the team and his quest to be the 2012 sack leader. Kansas City has cut their running back Stanford Routt, and I bet they are regretting letting Thomas Jones go more and more each day. The Chicago Bears became the first team in NFL with a pass for a touchdown, a run for a touchdown, an interception returned for a touchdown and a blocked kick returned for a touchdown in the same quarter. That record can still be broken, though, because they failed to recover a fumble and return it for a touchdown as well. They have as good a chance as anyone, though, because their defense has 8 touchdowns so far this season, and that’s pretty good. If the playoffs started today, we’d probably see Chicago matched up again Green Bay, but we’re only a little past the halfway point, so the only thing we can do is wait it out for now. Keep an eye on those Sunday games, some of them will be flexing times, so be sure and stay on top of when your team will be playing so we can get a better pulse reading of what our playoffs will look like this year!


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