November 7th – The Day After

AmericaSo it’s the day after The Election. Doesn’t matter if you voted for Romney or Obama, you’ve got to admit – most of us are just glad this election is over. No more negative TV ads during Sunday football. No more stacks of flyers in your mailbox. And, as Best Selling Author Brandon Hale pointed out, you can actually like your friends again, both in person and, yes, on Facebook.

No matter who you voted for and how you feel about the outcome, you can still contact Governor Romney to give him your condolences, offer prayers, etc. You can contact President Obama to tell him you think he should quit, that he’d better not let you down this time, or whatever else.

Got some change you want to make? Start a petition with the White House. Get enough signatures and you’ll get a response from the current administration.

Something local bugging you? Get in touch with your reps. You might be surprised at how helpful some of these guys can be.

Remember, people: Slacktivism can only get you so far. Romney, Obama, and all the other politicians aren’t reading what you post on your Facebook wall. If you have a message for them, get it to them directly.

This is America – you have a voice. Be sure to use it!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled crazy stuff.

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