FANBOY EXPO CON REPORT Knoxville, TN Oct 26th- 28th 2012

by Brian on November 9, 2012

Fanboy ExpoI’m finally getting around to writing up that con report for the Fanboy Expo that I attended two weeks back in Knoxville. As some of you know, I own Cavalier Comics in Wise, VA and several times a year, I go to shows as a dealer to set up and sell my wares. So when I heard that there was a show in Knoxville and checked out the guest list, I jumped at the chance.

Kelly HuSome of the notable guests in attendance were Kelly Hu (Scorpion King, X2, Arrow tv series), Lindsay Wagner (Bionic Woman), Adrian Paul (Highlander), Dirk Benedict (Battlestar Galactica, A-Team), Lana Wood (Diamonds are Forever), Jason David Frank (Green Power Ranger), George Lazenby (James Bond), and Maud Adams (Octopussy, Man with the Golden Gun). There were several more, but you get the idea.

My good friend Charles Bond was also setting up, so we traveled down together on Thursday. When we get there, we find out that our booths is opposite from Kelly Hu, Lana Wood, Maud Adams and Lindsey Wagner. I’m thinking to myself, “We got the best spots at the show!” After a few hours of hard work and meeting some of the other dealers, we head to the hotel and call it a night.

Fanboy ExpoFriday morning comes and the crowd was a bit light, which was to be expected for a Friday. Sales were brisk though, so I couldn’t complain. Kelly Hu was one of the first celebrities to arrive, and her line was long. I’m thinking to myself, I really need to get over there and get her autograph, but I’ll admit I was a bit star struck. I’ll just do it tomorrow. Derek Mears (classic Predator in Predators, Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th) swung by my booth to browse and I got to briefly talk to him. Seemed like a really cool guy.

Saturday was crazy. Big crowd through the doors, people buying lots of stuff, and smiles on everyone’s faces. What surprised me was the line to see Jason David Frank. People were hooping and hollering, and he was great with the fans. He even taught a basic self-defense course for an hour for those that signed up. Daniel Cudmore (Colossus – X2, Felix – Twilight Saga) came over and bought some comics from me. Man, he’s one big dude. And yes , I finally got up the nerve and went over to meet Kelly Hu. Super nice lady and very personable. That was the highlight of the show for me.

Kelly Hu & Brian MarcusI almost failed to mention Mark, who was set up next to me selling zombie t-shirts and merchandise. Got to talking to him throughout the weekend and found out he’s a weapons/armor expert who works part time in the movie industry. He told me stories about working on the set of the new Mad Max Movie, the HBO series The Pacific, and some of the actors he’s worked with, like Robert De Niro and Jason Statham. Really interesting guy, and I look forward to seeing him at other shows.

Sunday was slow so I had a chance to look around, pick up a few things, and meet a few other celebs.

Overall it was a good show and they just announced another one for May 31 – June 2nd 2013. If you get a chance, GO!


Brian Marcus is the owner/operator of Cavalier Comics, located at 109 Glade St SE Unit E, Wise, VA.

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