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by Tony on November 13, 2012

How close are we to actually seeing these college football playoffs? Not close

Jimbo Fisher, head coach of the number 10 Florida State Seminoles seems to agree.

The ‘Noles, with one loss, sit behind three teams who have two losses apiece. Fisher made some controversial remarks Monday when he was told that some computer rankings have FSU behind some teams with 4 or 5 losses, saying “How retarded is that?” He has since apologized, but as a college football fan, I understand his frustration. Even if they had
beat NC State, I doubt they’d be able to get a foot in the door of the National Championship Game this year.

Number 3 Notre Dame is hoping they’ll be able to, and if number 2 Oregon can keep its players from getting injured, they may have a shot. Kansas State already jumped Oregon this week to take the number 1 spot, so it’s not a long stretch of the imagination that the Irish could do the same.

Alabama falls to number 4 after being handed a loss by the newest SEC team, number 8 Texas A&M, who all of a sudden have a superstar for a quarterback. Welcome to the SEC, kid.

Seemingly this sets up a matchup in the SEC Championship Game with number 5 Georgia. All in all, though, 2 Oregon still has to play 13 Stanford and 16 Oregon State (in The Civil War), 1 Kansas still has to play Baylor and 15 Texas, and Notre Dame still has to play 18 USC (who will certainly not be ranked the same after the game against 17 UCLA this weekend), so there’s a couple of slip-ups that could change the picture a little, but not much. The top are pretty well locked in place. We’ll see what happens going forward, but to me, a National Title Game without an SEC team in it this year is looking pretty good.

In the NFL this week, we’re looking at quarterbacks and teams playing in the rain. This was not the best weekend for either one of them. Michael Vick took a vicious hit, and
he is still questionable for next week, but in all honesty, this may have been the best thing that could have happened to him right now, seeing as the Phillies have won a game (10/1) since the Eagles have (9/30).

Looking forward towards next Monday Night Football, we have the Bears visiting the 49ers, in a game where BOTH starting quarterbacks are questionable due to concussions. This Monday, Roethlisberger left the game early becasue of a hard tackle that left his shoulder hurting. Byron Leftwich came in, but there’s a reason Jacksonville let him go. He’s decent, but his passes are telegraphed, and he seems to have lost his accuracy when going deep. Then again, it was freezing in Pittsburgh tonight, not to mention the cold rain. Pittsubrgh managed to come out on top in overtime, but neither team could thank their quarterbacks at the end of the game.

The other rain-drenched upset this weekend was Houston taking out Chicago at Soldier Field, where the Bears did not look that good.

Russell Wilson is looking good in Seattle, though, now being undefeated at home and throwing for 111 passes in a row without a pick at CenturyLink Stadium. This almost makes me glad that the Dolphins passed on Matt Flynn, but after cutting more defense, I am starting to wonder how much the front office hates the team. It’s like watching Major League unfold in real life.

Other notable things that happened this week are the tie game at Candlestick Park between divisional opponents San Francisco and St. Louis, and of course, Adrian Peterson
showing up again, leading the NFL with 1,128 yards while Marshawn Lynch is in second place with 1,005. No other backs have even hit 900 this year. Will this be a key to the playoffs? That’s hard to tell, because Minnesota has one heck of a remaining schedule, including road games at Chicago, Green Bay, St. Louis and Houston, with home games against Chicago and Green Bay. Yikes!

Speaking of playoffs (and other people who will be watching them), we have reports of Mike Holmgren wanting to coach the Dallas Cowboys. That would be a crazy fit, now
wouldn’t it? Haha, at this point, what shouldn’t Dallas try? It can’t be November all the time, as well as that works out for Romo (20-3 in November). We’ll all have to wait and see who ends up where, and keep watching closely as the playoff berths become more apparent. See you all next week!

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