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by Garv on November 15, 2012

So we’re about a month and a half into our official ‘relaunch’ of the Quiet Room website, as well as being active on Facebook and Twitter. In that month and a half, we’ve had almost 3500 hits to our webpage. We now have over 250 friends on Facebook, and almost 500 followers on Twitter. And we think it’s AWESOME! Some of you know us well, some of you are family, some of you are close friends – but some of you might not be aware of just who we are and where QRE came from. So I wanted to take a couple of minutes and let you know just what we stand for and where we came from, if that’s okay.

When QRE first started, it was the result of Brandon Hale and myself trying to find a way to market his books online. This was a few years ago, when Kindles and Nooks were both still new. The business was booming, and since Brandon is an author, we thought, hey – we can get in on the ground floor of this! So we built a website that would showcase his books and give him an outlet to sell them, which, at the time, circumvented Amazon, which was about the only place you could buy ebooks at the time.

In addition to selling Brandon’s books, we wanted to be an outlet for other local artists: authors, musicians, painters, sculptors – whatever. If you were local and wanted some exposure, we wanted to help give you that. Unfortunately, things fell through – the website design was kind of crap (my fault!), Brandon went on to sell through Amazon and other booksellers, and we never actually got to feature any other local artists.

Are you not entertained

I like to sing-a...

So a couple of years went by. We’ve got this great domain name and we’re not really doing anything with it. We looked and saw that we’d originally built up a pretty good list of Facebook fans, and a decent list of Twitter followers. So we might as well give it a shot again, but this time, we’ll actually do some of the entertaining ourselves! Which is what we try to do, and we hope it’s working. (Are you not entertained?!?) We brought Jake – a walking encyclopedia of movie history – on board, and with the help of a couple of our other friends, the current incarnation of QRE was born.

We do, however, still want to be that outlet for local artists. We’re always looking around locally, trying to find out what’s going on so we can let people know. We want to be a central location for people to know what’s happening in the area. We want to hear from all of you – musicians, authors, playwrights, etc. If you have something you want people to know about, get in touch with us! You can email us here or get in touch with us through our Facebook page. We’d love to feature you in an article about what you do, or do an interview so you can get your message out.

TurkeyWe want you, the reader, to be able to drop by the site or the Facebook or Twitter page and find something that entertains you. Be it an interview with a turkey for Thanksgiving (coming up next Tuesday!), an article about the fans of Folk Soul Revival (known collectively as The Congregation), our staff meeting transcriptions (with a special celebrity guest each week), a look back at some of the best and worst movies of all time

Or maybe you’d like some of our guest-written articles. We’ve had friends write up things for us, like a review of the new Mumford & Sons album, and a review and recap of the latest comic convention in Knoxville by a local comic shop owner. Or maybe you need a review of the latest Liam Neeson movie, ‘Taken 2′.

Basically, it boils down to this. We want to entertain you. And if we can’t do it, we want to hook you up with the people who can. The only ads you’ll ever see on QRE are ads for these local folks. We won’t be putting in those ads that follow you from site to site, we won’t be installing flashing banners or ads that scare the crap out of you by yelling, “YOU JUST WON AN IPAD!” I mean – we’re friends, and friends just don’t do that.

Looking back over this, it seems I’ve gone a little long-winded. I hope you enjoy the site, and I hope you tell your friends. And if you know or are one of those artists or business people that I talked about up there, get in touch with us! We’d love to hear from you and help you get the word out about you. Or if you think you’re funny (we’ll be the judge of that, thank you very much!) or have a review you’d like to put up, then by all means – let us know!

So thanks for dropping by. We sure do appreciate it!


Is there someone you’d like to see interviewed? Let us know! Want to write reviews or humor pieces for QRE? Drop us a line! garv@quietroomentertainment – these will come straight to me, and we’ll do the best we can to make it happen.  


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