If Birds Could Fly & We Killed Vegas – A QRE Review

by Garv on November 19, 2012

If Birds Could Fly 
We Killed Vegas

The Hangar Grill, Wise VA 
Saturday,  Nov 17, 2012

The Hangar GrillQRE took a trip to The Hangar Grill in Wise this past Saturday night to see two local bands who are on their way up: If Birds Could Fly and We Killed Vegas.

This was our first trip to The Hangar Grill, so we decided to go early and get some dinner (their menu is available on their Facebook page, linked above).

We had cheese sticks (good), Tar Bob’s Ribs (also good), a Turkey and Swiss Sandwich (very good), Fish Tacos (excellent!),  and Pasta Salad (also excellent). We also tried the chocolate-covered bacon. Let us say that while we love bacon, and we love chocolate, there are just some things that, for us at least, don’t go together. These two are a good example of that.

Chocolate-covered bacon aside, we’ll definitely be back to The Hangar Grill, even if there isn’t music playing. They get the QRE Seal Of Approval*.

If Birds Could FlyIf Birds Could Fly

Having only heard IBCF through their videos and on Spotify, we were excited to hear them live – and they didn’t disappoint.

Kicking off the evening with the new material, it was obvious that these birds actually can fly. Made up of Brittany Ashley on vocals, Andrew Carter on guitar and backing vocals, Joshua Harper on bass and backing vocals, and Andrew Sergent on drums, If Birds Could Fly brought their bluesy, countrified music to life.

Carter’s guitar would go from quiet and almost mournful to loud and proud, and Ashley’s vocals would follow (and often lead the way). Harper and Sergent kept the groove steady and rhythmic, with Harper throwing in harmonica on occasion. (He also played harmonica on several songs with We Killed Vegas – more on that below.)

If you’re into the recent Americana craze – and let’s be honest here, people are into it because it’s good stuff – then we highly recommend you check out If Birds Could Fly. Buy their music, watch their videos, see them live – you’ll definitely enjoy it.

We Killed VegasWe Killed Vegas

The other band to play on Saturday was local rock and roll outfit We Killed Vegas. This was also our first time seeing these guys live. We’d heard them compared to bands such as Jet and The Black Keys, and while those comparisons may be accurate, we would guess it comes more from shared influences than any attempt to emulate those bands.

With Davie Smith on vocals and guitar, Aaron Lee on bass, and Dwayne Hall on drums, WKV definitely show their bluesy rock and roll roots, and they definitely have fun doing it. Perfectly at ease with their grooves, it was obvious that they wanted the audience to have as much fun as they were having. Joshua Harper joined We Killed Vegas several times on harmonica, which only added to the rock and roll roots sound.

If you like your rock and roll stripped down, bluesy and raw, then We Killed Vegas is a band you’ll definitely want to check out.

The Hangar Grill is located at 6104 Airport Road, Wise, Virginia 24293, near Lonesome Pine Airport. And they have Blue Moon on tap, which puts them on Garv’s short list of places to have a beer.  Their Facebook page can be found here.

If Birds Could Fly
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We Killed Vegas
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*Quiet Room Entertainment doesn’t actually have a ‘Seal of Approval’. But if we did, we’d totally give it to them.





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