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by Jeremy on November 21, 2012

Monthly comics for the most part, I could give a shit about. They are a dying breed, and most people don’t consider the form anymore and the things you can do with it.

Mind MGMT CoverEnter Matt Kindt, the insanely talented writer/artist of Revolver and one of the best genre graphic novels in the past decade, SuperSpy. His new monthly comic, Mind MGMT, is always on time and features back-up stories and letters columns that actually make me want to pick up the book monthly. I’ve read the first six issue arc and am very eager to see where the story goes.

Mind MGMT starts off with a mysterious incident on a plane where everyone loses their memory. The pilots call in and ask how to land, stewardesses don’t know why they are there, passengers forget relationships with loved ones sitting right next to them. Also, one person on the manifest disappeared without being questioned, a man named Henry Lyme.

We next meet our main character, Meru. She is a down and out writer of true crime books, She sees a report about the anniversary of the plane incident and decides to make it the subject of her next book. She calls her publisher and tells him she’s going to track down the missing passenger.

The first three issues, as she gets closer to Henry things spiral out of control. She is being pursued by a mysterious duo who seem to heal from any wound who call themselves the ‘Immortals’. Issue four we finally catch up with Henry and he explains his involvement in a clandestine organization known as Mind MGMT, a secret government organization whose goal was to weaponize people with psychic abilities.

Mind MGMTThis monthly book is interesting because it follows that main story, but uses back-up stories as world building tools, a lot like Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons did in the Watchmen back-ups. Since Kindt said these back ups won’t be included in trade paperbacks. to get the rich backstory of the organization you have to buy the monthlies… The backups aren’t necessary to enjoy the main story but they actually clarify things remarkably as well as just being good little short stories.

There are easter eggs in abundance in this thing. He writes things in panel gutters and there are hidden codes that send you to websites, The book has a real sense of fun to it that has been lost in the current Mardisvelney, TimeDCWarnerentertainmentbros landscape of the monthly comic.

I love the art in this book. (Click the pic to the left for a larger view.) Kindt was an indie guy for years and it shows in his artwork. It’s very organic, done with watercolors and india ink. His color palette is masterful, though I imagine this sort of ‘unrefined’ and ‘rough’ style may be a deal breaker for many mainstream comic readers. A monthly book means you have to work fast and Kindt has found a nice drawing style that suits the time crunch and manages to pack quite a storytelling wallop!

This is the type of book I would crawl over lava to read.

That is all… Read some comics ya MOOKS!!!

Jeremy Massie is a cartoonist who works at a gas station. His first graphic novel was the critically acclaimed yet seldom purchased, slice of super-life book called, THE DEADBEAT. He was a contributor to the New York Times bestselling anthology FUBAR and is currently working on his next graphic novel called ALL MY GHOSTS…You can read some of it here:

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