Happy Birthday – November 28th

by William on November 28, 2012

Happy birthday to these people who have entertained us in one way or another…

Jon StewartJon Stewart – 50

Host of ‘The Daily Show’, Mr. Stewart presents the news in a way that’s much easier to digest than the other major networks. Too bad it’s on Comedy Central and isn’t taken seriously…




Judd NelsonJudd Nelson – 53

One of the Brat Pack, he will always be welcome at our Breakfast Club.




Karen GillanKaren Gillan – 25

Companion to The Eleventh Doctor. If we’d left her picture off this page, I have no doubt we would have received death threats.




Other notable birthdays:

Ed Harris – 62

Randy Newman – 69

Ryan Kwanten – 36

Paul Shaffer – 63

Mary Elizabeth Winstead – 28

Joe Dante – 66

Berry Gordy Jr. – 83

These people would have joined you in hoping the weekend hurries to get here.

Anna Nicole Smith

William BlakeĀ 

Alexander Godunov

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