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by Tony on December 4, 2012

There we have it. The Conference Championships are over, and the bowl invitations are sent. The rankings are just numbers now, the final games are set.

Like we expected, we have the Notre Dame Fighting Irish against the Alabama Crimson Tide in Miami for the National Championship Game. Both of will them have visions of Waterford Crystal dancing in their heads on Christmas Eve, but they’re going to have to wait until January 7th to leave it all on the field and try to take home the hardware. Currently, Vegas has the odds on Alabama with 9 points over Notre Dame. I wonder how much of that is credit given just for being in the SEC? Time will tell.

Some other good bowls to watch around the end/start of the year will be the Bridgepoint Ed. Holiday Bowl on December 27th in San Diego, CA, matching up UCLA against Baylor. On December 29th, we will have Texas vs Oregon State in the Valero Alamo Bowl, and on December 30th we will have Georgia Tech vs the USC Trojans in the Hyundai Sun Bowl. On December 31st, we will see the Captiol One Bowl with Nebraska facing off against Georgia, the Vizio Rose Bowl with Wisconsin vs Stanford and the Discover Orange Bowl, which features Florida State University against Northern Illinois University. That’s right, a MAC team in a BCS Bowl. I hope they win, if for no other reason than to silence the critics. That, and I am a Miami fan, so anytime I can see Florida State lose is a big plus for me.

Some more BCS Bowls will be the Allstate Sugar Bowl on January 2nd, with Florida vs Louisville, the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl showing Kansas State vs Oregon on January 3rd, and finally the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic, matching up Oklahoma against Texas A&M. Should be a pretty good bowl week!

Some awards have been given out already in college football, so let’s look and see what we’ve got so far while we await the Heisman Presentation this coming Saturday on ESPN.

We have Manziel from Texas A&M winning the SEC Offensive Player Of The Year, and rightly so seeing as he decimated records his first year in the conference. We have the Burlsworth Trophy for the Most Outstanding Player That Began His Career As A Walk-On going to Matt McGloin from Penn State. I’m glad to see something good happen there. The Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award goes to Optimus Prime, aka Collin Klein of Kansas State, and Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o wins the Dick Butkus Award for the Nation’s Top Linebacker. So that doesn’t clear up the Heisman race at all, because the finalists announced are Collin Klein, Manti Te’o and Johnny Football, Johnny Manziel. We’ll see who gets the stiff-arm trophy this year Saturday!

On to the NFL, we have Detroit suffering from karma, losing in the most horrible fashion to Indianapolis on Sunday. Having played, I would have rather won every game by one point than by a blowout, just because the victory is sweeter. I don’t think Detroit’s tide will turn as long as they defend Ndamukong Suh. He is a poor sport, and he is dragging the Lions down.

Speaking of being dragged down, the Eagles have apparently decided that Foles will be their starter for the rest of the year. Too bad there’s not a Suck For Luck this year.

Speaking of quarterbacks you may be able to pick up soon, though – guess who will not be starting for the 49ers against the Dolphins this weekend? That’s right, Smith will be on the sidelines again as Kaepernick starts the game. He came out because he had a concussion and lost his job. That stinks, but you can’t fault the 49ers for doing what they think is best.The Eagles did fire their defensive line coach Jim Washburn, though. I wonder how long it will be before Reid is gone. We will see.

Another record that is broken this week is one previously held bu Joe Montana. Tom Brady now has the most division titles in NFL history as a starting quarterback with 10. Nice to see history as it unfolds. Another quarterback that should be out of a job by now but somehow isn’t, is Mark Sanchez. He’s not bad, but I don’t think he’s the future in New York.

A quarterback that is definitely the future on the east coast, though, is RGIII. The man is a beast. Washington is hoping to clinch a playoff berth next week with him. So far, Atlanta, New England and Denver have clinched divisions. Houston has clinched a playoff berth. That’s it. Everything else is fairly clear, but it is up in the air. Be sure to pay attention this weekend to see who else earns their spot in the playoffs!


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