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by Tony on December 11, 2012

Well, certainly not much NCAA action this week, but we did have some off-the-field news to talk about. Texas A&M’s Johnny Football (Manziel) became the first freshman to win the Heisman over Notre Dame’s Te’o. Both kids had a great run at the award this year, with Te’o even taking his defense to the National Championship Game, but given the stats from Manziel, he simply could not be denied. He broke Tebow’s records, he broke Cam Newton’s records, and he beat Alabama, all in his first year in the SEC. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

Some coaching positions were filled, too, starting at Tennessee, where Butch Jones takes over for the Volunteers, Bobby Petrino finally found work at Western Kentucky University, and Tommy Tuberville is now the head coach at Cincinnati most notably. Now, it’s all getting ready for next year, starting to recruit a little and prepping for the bowl games!

In the NFL this week, a few more teams are getting hot at the right minute, just in time for the playoffs. No exception to this are the New England Patriots, who were playing like they had lost their dynasty status earlier this year, but played tonight like the team they have been for the last decade or so. Tom Brady had the 18th 4-touchdown game of his career en route to whipping up on the (now) 11-2 Houston Texans on Monday Night Football, blowing them out 42-14. This means Houston has clinched a playoff berth, but New England has clinched the Division Title, along with Denver and Atlanta.

Speaking of blowouts, where was Arizona on Sunday? They certainly weren’t playing Seattle, who drilled them 58-0. Washington got the win but got a real scare when RG3 went down. He suffered a strain to his LCL, but it isn’t torn as they first expected. Let’s hope he can stay healthy and stay the caliber of athlete that he is.

It’s almost time for the playoffs, we have a lot of teams in the hunt right now. In the AFC, we have Cincinnati  New York, Cleveland and San Diego, and in the NFC we have Washington, Dallas, Minnesota and St. Louis. I almost can’t wait on the Wild-Card round to see what happens and who gets to go on another week. All we can do for now is wait, and keep watching next weekend as the big boys start playing for a bye week in the playoffs, while the rest try to claw their way in! I’m looking at you, Green Bay! See you all next week!



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