Happy Birthday – December 25th

Happy birthday to these people who have entertained us in one way or another…

Barbara MandrellBarbara Mandrell – 64

One of the most popular country music stars of all time. We always loved her little sister, Irlene. Rawr.







DidoDido – 41

While she never took off in the US, she remains a big hit overseas.







Jimmy BuffetJimmy Buffet – 66

The Caribbean Crooner is always good drinking music. Unless you’re drinking alone. Then you want something heavy, like ‘The Smiths’.


Other notable birthdays:

Helena Christensen – 44

Annie Lennox – 58

Sissy Spacek – 63

Karl Rove – 62

Larry Czonka – 66

Other folks who got screwed out of separate presents:

Anwar Sadat

Clara Barton

Cab Calloway

Louis Chevrolet

Humphrey Bogart

Robert Ripley

Rod Serling

Jesus Christ (this may not be his actual birthday, but this is when it’s celebrated, so it’s close enough for us)

Sir Isaac Newton

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