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What an interesting NFL week during the holiday break! The Patriots started a new December streak, beating up on the Jaguars, while Tom Brady has thrown a touchdown in 47 straight games, tying Unitas. Drew Brees is still sitting pretty at 54, though, but Tom is coming for him! Also chasing records are Bill Belichick, who has 10 seasons with 11 wins (chasing Don Shula at 13) and the whole team chasing the record for the most first-downs in a regular season, only needing one against the Dolphins Sunday to tie. Minnesota stunned fans as they beat Houston, the Saints beat the Cowboys, the Ravens beat the Giants, the Bengals made the playoffs while simultaneously knocking the Steelers out of it, but most notably this week was Seattle, throttling San Francisco 42-13.

Nobody has clinched that first-round bye yet, but the Texans, Broncos, Patriots, Ravens and Packers have now clinched division titles. The Colts, Bengals, 49ers and Seahawks have clinched playoff berths, and Atlanta has clinched homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. Even with the replacement refs bumbling things up at the beginning of the season, Seattle is undefeated at home this year and seemingly making statements with big wins. They have scored 150 points over their last 3 games, something that hasn’t been done since the Bears in the 30s and again in the 40s. Russel Wilson seems for real there, but it’s still going to be a tight race for Rookie Of The Year. He’ll most certainly be fighting against RG3 and Andrew Luck for that title. The MVP will be a rough one to pick early, too, with Adrian Peterson having an insane rushing year, Drew Brees throwing the passes around and Megatron Calvin Johnson breaking Jerry Rice’s regular season receiving yards record. To be fair, the quarterback for 5 of the games in Rice’s season was Elvis Grbac, because Steve Young had concussions, but still, that was the record. If Peterson can get 208 yards, he breaks Eric Dickerson’s record of 2,105 in a regular season, and if Brees can get 120 passing yards, he will ave back-to-back 5,000 yard seasons. Too tough to call at this point.

One last thing to be aware of heading towards the last week of the regular season and going into the playoffs are injuries. Nick Foles broke his hand, so I heard the Michael Vick will be starting for the Eagles again next week. Will he even be an Eagle next year? Reid won’t be there to make that call, but we very well could see them leave the organization together. Heath Miller is gone for the Steelers, tearing his ACL, and he will miss a lot of the 2013 season as well. Ouch! Hate to see a Southwestern Virginia guy get hurt like that. Mario Manningham has torn his ACl and PCL, so we won’t see him anymore this year. Will this make a difference this weekend? Who knows, all we can do is wait and find out. See you next week!


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