Transcript of QRE Staff Meeting, Tuesday, April 9, 2013

by William on April 10, 2013

cheddar-garlic-biscuits2QRE STAFF MEETING

Transcribed by: William Cadderly
Bestselling Author Brandon Hale


Garv: Alrighty, folks. Back to business.

Jake: That’s what you said last week. We had a staff meeting, and the next day you had another heart attack. Are you sure you’re up for this?

Garv: Jake, I’m touched that you’d be concerned about my health. I’m f-

Jake: I’m not concerned. I just want to make sure that we’re getting paid for these past few days.

Cadderly: You get paid?

Brandon: *sigh* Billy, you know we all get paid with shares of stock in QRE.

Cadderly: What?

Justin: What?

Irky: Nobody ever pays me in gum!

Cadderly: What stock?

Garv: You’ll be happy to know that I’m doing well. I had a blood clot, but they’ve removed it and widened my stent.

Cadderly: How many shares?

Garv: What?

Cadderly: How many shares do we get in QRE?

Jake: None if you keep that up, you ungrateful jerk.

Justin: Did they have to put the thing in through your groin again?

Brandon: Heheheh – groin.

Jake: *snicker*

Garv: Yeah, you wanna see it? *zip*

Cadderly: Seriously guys, how muchOHMYGODMYEYESWHATTHEHELLISTHAT?

Garv: It’s my insertion site!

Jake: Man, that’s nasty. Good lord.

Brandon: That specific shade of purple is the shade I’ve been looking for to complete the cover for the next installment in my Newella series! Did you know that you can find all of my books for sale at And there’s plenty of other information and other stories over at my site,!

Irky: Can I get The Sneaker’s Handbook there, too?

Brandon: You sure can!

Cadderly: What is wrong with you people?

Jake: What do you mean by “you people”?

Irky: What do you mean by “you people”?

Justin: Really?

Brandon: It’s a valid question.

Garv: It is. It really is.

Cadderly: I’m never going to get paid, am I?

Jake: Not with that attitude!

Brandon: Speaking of attitudes, has anyone seen Frankenstein?

Irky: Actually, that’s Frankenstein’s Monster.

Brandon: Oh yeah…

Cadderly: What are our shares worth?

Jake: Stuff it, Billy!

Garv: 200 pounds.

Brandon: I’ll give you a sneak preview of my next book.

Justin: I play my Wii-U while I’m pooping.

Garv: Alrighty! Great meeting, everyone. All of you come by my office to pick up your che… Your, um, cheddar biscuits.

Jake: Are they just like the ones from Red Lobster?

Brandon: They sure are! How many do you want?

Jake: None. I hate those things.

Cadderly: Gnaaaahhhhhh….

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