Another tale of Brandon Hale, Bestselling Author, who just happens to turn 40 today

Bestselling Author Brandon Hale at RobConWe’re glad you decided to join us today in celebration of the birthday of Bestselling Author Brandon Hale. Brandon has had an exceedingly adventurous life, and in honor of this we are sharing some of his stories. 

After the episode with the cat, Brandon knew it was his destiny to help people achieve their maximum potential. So he set off on foot to make people’s dreams come true. Carrying only what he had with him, he knew he’d be able to rely on the kindness of strangers to make sure he had clothes, food and shelter when he most needed it.

He walked for a while, not really knowing – or caring – where he was. He came to a mountain range that was quite difficult to cross, but he finally made it through and came upon a small village by a dried-up riverbed.

When the villagers saw him coming they ran to him, knowing exactly who he was. They explained their problems to him, and while he didn’t speak their language (which is rare; Brandon is fluent in over 30 languages), he understood that the issue had to do with a stone that had been stolen from them.

Brandon ended up with two companions, and they made their way to the local government in order to seek help for the villagers. The authorities also recognized Brandon and gave him and his companions the royal treatment: lavish dinners and soft beds to lay in. But while they were guests of the local authorities, Brandon couldn’t help but feel something was amiss. He gathered his companions, and together they found a secret passageway in one of their rooms.

They made their way into a subterranean cavern where there seemed to be some sort of ceremony going on. Hundreds of people stood around, seemingly transfixed by what was going on at the altar. Brandon quickly realized this was someplace they shouldn’t be, but before they could make their escape they were caught! It turned out that the ceremony was in fact a sacrifice – and the next offering was to be Brandon himself!

Mola RamI won’t go into too many details here – accounts of the deed vary, depending on who you ask – but using only his whip and his hat, Brandon eventually freed himself and his companions, defeating the leader of the cult and returning the stone to the villagers. He is still a hero to them to this day, and there was even a movie made about this particular adventure. Maybe you’ve seen it. It’s called ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’.

True story.

Want to know more about Bestselling Author Brandon Hale? Check out his site, Books From Hale.


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