The Further Adventures Of Bestselling Author Brandon Hale, Who Turns 40 Today

by Garv on April 16, 2013

Laura and BrandonThanks for celebrating with us! Today is the birthday of QRE co-founder and contributor (and bestselling author) Brandon Hale! You can read more about Brandon at his website, Books From Hale.  

We’ve told you the story of how Brandon helped the poor kitty cat, and how he defeated the evil Mola Ram (with his heart intact!) and returned the Sankara Stones to the villagers. Here’s yet another story of the daring adventures of Bestselling Author Brandon Hale, yet this one puts Brandon on what some would consider the wrong side of the law.

By the time he was 20 years old, Brandon had seen quite a bit. After a sheltered upbringing on his family’s farm, he was finally getting a taste of the way things work out in the real world. In only the past couple of years, he’d started a serious fight with his father, had to get his sister out of jail, and was spending a lot of time with his sister’s boyfriend, who was also wanted by the authorities.

His father was always trying to find them, constantly sending the authorities after them, claiming that they’d committed acts of vandalism on his property. They were constantly hiding out anywhere they could, staying with other people who were on the run from the authorities.

It wasn’t long before his sister’s boyfriend was caught and taken away. This left his sister dejected and sent Brandon to a dark place internally. Along with one the boyfriend’s friends, they hatched a plan to break his sister’s boyfriend out of jail.

As you’d expect, this plan didn’t work. His sister and the friend were caught, and both were taken into custody and put in jail as well. Brandon was furious, both at his father and at this unexpected turn of events. He decided he would try to bribe them to release everyone – once again, no dice. And just like Casey Kasem’s American Top 40, the hits kept coming – when Brandon went to demand their release, he was thrown into jail, too.

Pictured: Boba Fett, Brandon's Lightsaber

Pictured: Boba Fett, Brandon's Lightsaber

When they were finally given their sentence, it wasn’t good at all. They were going to be executed, slowly and painfully. Luckily, Brandon was a quick thinker. When it was time for their execution, he had his droid shoot his lightsaber over to him, where he cut off the tip of Boba Fett’s gun while his sister killed Jabba the Hutt.

Now, you may doubt the veracity of this story, but Brandon tells it often, and he swears every word is true. And I, for one, believe him.

You can learn more about Bestselling Author Brandon Hale by visiting his website, Books From Hale. And let him know QRE sent you!



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