Today is the birthday of Bestselling Author Brandon Hale

by Garv on April 16, 2013

With a fan at a book signing for Day Soldiers

With a fan; Taken at a book signing for Day Soldiers

Like the title says, today is the birthday of Bestselling Author Brandon Hale. We won’t say exactly how old he is (40) because we’re not sure if he wants everyone to know (he’s 40). But we do want to celebrate with him! So throughout the day we’ll be featuring articles containing anecdotes and other stories about Brandon (who turns 40 today), hoping that you’ll learn more about him. And when you do, you’ll come to love him like we do.


This is the story of the time Brandon (40 – whew, he’s getting up there!) saved that kitten from certain death.

Wild dogsA while back, Bestselling Author Brandon Hale (40 years old today) was out for a walk, minding his own business, just taking in some fresh air and stretching his lean-yet-muscular legs, when he came across a group of wild dogs, some as large as small horses, all snarling and fighting over something.

Being the peacemaker that he is (many people compare him to Wyatt Earp), Brandon (age 40) felt he had to intervene. While the dogs may have seemed vicious to others, Brandon (the big four-oh) wouldn’t let a little aggression get in the way of helping out. Brandon (did you know it’s his birthday?) is often heard to say, ”No pain, no gain!”

He pulled out his DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol and fired a warning shot into the air (which was set to stun, and therefore dissipated into the air harmlessly), hoping to scare the animals apart. When this had no effect, he had no choice but to wade in.

kittenAs he did, squeezing his toned body in between the skeletal-but-deadly bodies of these ravenous animals, he saw a tiny kitten in the middle of the circle of feral creatures. “Away with thee!” cried Brandon (lordy lordy Brandon’s 40). He put his DL-44 back into its hip holster and took his mage’s staff from his back, striking it on the ground once.

A wave of calm and peace radiated out from the ground where Brandon (40) struck the earth. The dogs at once became soothed, many sitting up on their hind legs, others offering the bellies for him to rub, like so many hungry pups.

One by one, Brandon (twenty times two) petted each dog on the head. He looked them directly in the eye and told them, through his powers of telepathy, that they should go and find a nice house with a nice family who would take them in. And they did. Each dog slowly left, looking both ways before they crossed the road, and each of them found a loving home, where they still live to this day.

Brandon (four decades old) then picked up the kitten and scratched it behind the ears. He could see the kitten was hungry so he offered it his breast. And when the kitten had drank its fill, Brandon (ten years shy of half a decade) looked deep into its eyes. Summoning once again his telepathic ability, he told the kitten, “You are beautiful.  You are the prettiest kitten in the world. Yes you are. Yes you are! You can do anything you want to do and be anything you want to be!” (Ed. note – it’s best to read this last sentence in “baby kitty talk” – it makes the scene more realistic.)

President CatAnd he put the kitten down, who went on his way. And you know what? Brandon (the equivalent of four ten-year olds) was right. That kitten could do anything it wanted to do, and it could be anything it wanted to be. And with hard work and determination, never forgetting the kinds words said to it by Brandon (40) that day, that kitten went on to be…

The President Of The United States Of America.

So just imagine: If Brandon (did we mention it’s his birthday?) can do that for a tiny kitten who is about to be eaten alive by a pack of wild dogs, what can he do for you?

Find out! Download your free copy of Day Soldiers right now, and get on the path to knowing Bestselling Author Brandon Hale (40). You won’t regret it!

And be sure to tell him happy birthday – you can find him here on Facebook.

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