Transcript of QRE Staff Meeting, Friday, May 3rd

by William on May 6, 2013


Transcribed by: William Cadderly
Bestselling Author Brandon Hale
Tony (via satellite)
Frankenstein’s Monster

Garv: Guys, Brandon and I have been talking.

Jake: Are you two finally going to announce your romance publicly?

Brandon: That’s not funny.

Jake: That’s because it wasn’t a joke.

Cadderly: Jake, you know-

Jake: Billy, I will stab you in the throat with a spoon if you so much as make another sound.

Justin: A spoon?

Garv: Yeah, you have to really work hard with a spoon to do any damage. A knife will go right in – it’s quick. A spoon takes longer, so in the end it hurts more.

Jake: Exactly.

Tony: A spoon?

Brandon: Anyway, as we were saying before Cadderly so rudely interrupted us, we’re going to dedicate a portion of the site to original content.

Garv: Right – for lack of a better term, any kind of “short story” (finger quotes were used here). We’ll call it Shorts, or something like that. It’ll be our stuff, and I’m thinking we should even include our readers. I know some of them are writers and have good little stories but no place to put them.

Justin: What kind of stories?

Brandon: Any kind, really. Funny, scary, sci-fi, drama – whatever we or they want to write.


Garv: Well, sure. If you wanted to write about men toying with things they don’t understand and playing God, we can put that on the site.


Jake: Good point, Frankenstein.

Brandon: It all goes back to our original idea of QRE being a community instead of just a website. This way people can get involved.

Garv: Exactly. Single stories, multi-part tales, whatever you have, we’ll put it up for you.

Tony: Actually, that’s Frankenstein’s Monster.

Justin: Are we still going to keep up with the regular articles?

Brandon: Sure, they’ll still be there. This is just an addition, not a replacement.

Cadderly: Will there be any kind of legalities involved in this?

Jake: I warned you…

Cadderly: *gaaaaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhh*

Justin: Ooh, I see why you use a spoon now.

Garv: Yeah, it’s pretty effective. A little trick we learned from Liam Neeson.


Got a story you’d like to tell? QRE is now taking submissions for original work. Shoot us an email at and we’ll get you all the details!


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