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by Tony on September 10, 2013

download      Well, a new season of Monday Night Football is underway, and you know that means. We’re back with another year of football! This year just started, and it’s already nuts! We have Michael Vick going all Michaeeeeeeeeeel Viiiiiick!!!! on the Redskins tonight. That really makes you wonder about RGIII’s knee. Terrelle Pryor is currently the NFL rushing leader. What? You heard that right. It looks like he will have that starting position in Oakland for now. This is making me feel better about the Dolphins not picking up Matt Flynn. I guess Coach Philbin knew something that the rest of us didn’t when he didn’t make a play for Flynn.

The Packers got slammed again by the referees, this time against the 49ers. Since the next play was a touchdown pass, I am not sure how much it mattered, but still, you hate to see a bad call. Last year, the replacement ref almost knocked them our of the playoffs. Detroit had 5 touchdowns reversed, but Reggie Bush says he is happy and thinks they will be kicking some butt later on this year. Speaking of terribad performances, the Jaguars set a franchise record, punting 11 times on Sunday. The New York Football Giants of New York recorded their first loss in the new Cowboys stadium this past weekend, but Dez Bryant ended up with a sprained left foot. X-Rays are negative, though, so he may not miss any time. For the first time in NFL history, the score was 28-2 as the Chiefs beat the Jaguars. The Dolphins looked great, too, winning over the Browns while the Patriots came from behind to win against the Bills. This makes the Bills 1-19 in their last 20 meetings. Get it together, Buffalo!

juliusthomas       The real story in the NFL this weekend though is Peyton Manning. 7 touchdown passes in a game against the current reigning NFL champions? Wow! When he, Julius Thomas and Wes Welker come out onto Sports Authority Field, I am not sure who’s going to be able to stop them this year. This is the first time since 1969 that someone has thrown that many touchdown passes in one game. Anyone wondering about Manning’s health just found out exactly how good he is playing right now, and it might be better than anyone else in the league. We’ll keep an eye on him for the rest of this season.

MIAMI HERALD STAFF On to the NCAA, this was the second weekend of play, where the real games start rolling out instead of the pushovers. We have a couple of sweet upsets, and some monster games. Unranked Miami held on to beat the Florida Gators, something that was sure sweet for us Hurricane fans. The Seminole War Canoe stays in Coral Gables, but it was not on the line this time, as it is only a trophy if this is an annual series game. Hopefully we will see that matchup be an annual series again soon. Michigan trounced the Fighting Irish in the last game they will play against each other in the Big House, and it was in front of a record crowd of 115,109 people. That’s a lot of yellow, and it makes it hard to hear that snap count from your quarterback.

Brigham Young drilled Texas, too, that was a pretty big upset. Washington State also beat USC 10-7, and this is causing many people to start calling for Lane Kiffin’s job. He says that is something you just can’t listen to and get distracted by, but people notice he is running the same plays over and over and it isn’t working. Something is going to have to give. Georgia whipped South Carolina this past weekend, making them both 1-1 so far.

la-sp-sn-nick-pasquale-ucla-san-clemente-20130-002       A sad note this week is the death of Nick Pasquale of the UCLA Bruins. Life is so much more important than football. By all accounts, he loved them both. UCLA had a bye week so he went back home to watch his high school play and was hit by a car while crossing the street. UCLA will wear a #36 patch on their jerseys this coming weekend and Nebraska will wear #36 helmet stickers. From what I have read, he loved football and was good at it, and although a Notre Dame fan, he was able to walk on a UCLA and was elated to play for a team that was going to play against USC. Our thoughts and prayers will be with his friends and family.

Check back next tuesday, when we’ll update and talk about some more games we need to be excited for!!

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