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by Tony on September 17, 2013

peyton-manning     Welcome to week 2 of The Sports Section this season. We want to say congratulations to Mr. Peyton Manning for now being one of 3 elite quarterbacks, joining Brett Favre and Dan Marino as the only players in NFL history to have 60,000 yards passing. That’s a pretty big milestone. He is certainly making the Broncos look like the real deal this year. He beat up on his little brother Eli over the weekend, winning 41-23. The Giants also gave up the first punt return for a touchdown this season as well when Trindon Holliday took one back for 81 yards.

hi-res-158487010_crop_exact     Speaking of Dan Marino, for the first time in 10 years, the Dolphins start out at 2-0, stopping the comeback master Andrew Luck and the Colts on Dan Marino’s 52nd birthday. The Steelers looked horrible again this week on Monday Night Football. They dropped a hard one to the Bengals, and it’s looking like Roethlisberger may have lost his touch. Larry Fitzgerald taught Megatron a thing or two when the Cardinals beat the Lions, and even though they didn’t have Te’o, the Chargers certainly had the Eagles’ offense figured out as they dropped them 33-30. Hopefully they can get something going again or it’s going to be a long year for the Eagles. Poor RGIII is having a horrible time right now as well, hope he can get it together, but losing to the Packers does not mean you are no good. We’ll have to see what the rest of the season brings.

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Alabama    In the NCAA this week, this big showdown that had possible National Championship Game implications was Texas A&M vs The Alabama Crimson Tide. Johnny Football certainly had Bama’s number last year, and it seemed that he did this year, too, but a few key interceptions kept the Tide alive and rolling at the number 1 spot, winning 49-42. The University of Tennessee traveled to Oregon for the first time, where Tennessee was taught that just because you’re in the SEC doesn’t mean you’re able to be competitive with the number 2 team in the country. Oregon piled it on, 59-14, with the fans giving up on this game and breaking into a chant of “We want Bama!” Be careful what you wish for, Ducks fans, you might just get it!

download     Wisconsin had a hard break this past Saturday when a game was effectively ended by the referees prematurely, giving a win to Arizona State. They did not let Wisconsin run the next play when they were ready. Tough break, not much they can do about it now. Texas drops a heartbreaker to Ole Miss to start out the season 1-2. They’re definitely trying to rebuild, but whether or not the can with their current situation remains to be seen. I guess we’ll have to watch what happens from here on out. See you all next week!

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