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by Tony on September 24, 2013

imagesPeyton Manning just keeps getting better. He had his best first half in 3 years on Monday Night Football when he picked apart the Raiders like a surgeon. He also has broke Tom Brady’s record for the most touchdown passes in the first 3 games. Eli, however, had a bad weekend. Carolina handed Tom Coughlin the worst loss of his career. I think that Arizona safety Rashad Johnson had a worse weekend, though, as not only did the Cardinals lose to the Saints, he lost the top part of his middle finger! He took his glove off and his finger stayed in it. Wow, that’s gotta hurt!

Ryan_Tannehill_-_MiamiSome weird outcomes this week in the NFL. The Dolphins had their best game-winning drive in I can’t remember how long, and they sit at 3-0 now after surviving the Falcons. Also at 3-0 are the Chiefs, Patriots, Broncos, Bears, Saints and Seahawks. Now, the weirdest part is after this week, teams at 1-2 are thr Bills, the Browns, the Chargers, the Raiders, the Eagles, the Panthers, Falcons, The 49ers and the Packers. What? The Dolphins and Chiefs are 3-0, and the 49ers, Falcons and Packers are 1-2? See? Told you there’s some weird stuff going on. I hope the Dolphins can go 4-0 on Monday Night Football against the Saints next week.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs-Alex Smith Press ConferenceThe Vikings, Bucs, Jaguars, Steelers and Redskins all sit at 0-3 now. RG3 just hasn’t been the same so far this year. It’s been a long season for them so far. Is it karma that Alex Smith is at 3-0 while Kaepernick is 1-2? Who knows? Since 1990, 115 teams have started 0-3, and only 3 of them have made the playoffs. Those aren’t very good odds.

We know it’s going to be a long season for the NFC East, seeing as they’re 1-7 outside of their division so far. The NFC North are stinking, too, except Detroit lucking up with Washington playing so horribly. The Bears, however, are the first team to score 40 points at Heinz Field since it was built. As a matter of fact, there are 7 teams in the league with more than 80 point scored so far, and four of them are in the NFC North. That has left them at .500, though, so don’t celebrate them too much. Anyone could still reach the Super Bowl, though, so it’s still too early to jump to any conclusions. We’ll keep an eye on these 0-3 guys, and see if any of them can make the postseason.

ncf_u_jeffdriskel_ms_600In the NCAA this week, Florida got a win over Tennessee, but lost their starting quarterback Driskel in the process. That’s gotta hurt. I was hoping they would have a pretty good season, because the better they are, the better it makes Miami’s win over them look. Miami took it out on Savannah State this past weekend, 77-7, and now are 3-0 for the first time in 9 years. Baylor also won 70-7 over ULM, tying their all-time record of 781 yards. The SEC has had a terrible start, though, now being 5-6 against other BCS automatic-qualifying conferences. Maybe it is someone else’ turn to be a powerhouse for a while?

Aaron+Murray+Auburn+v+Georgia+c70WpMIHzRRlTexas pulled out a win over Kansas State, that probably helps matters for Mack Brown. He’s going to have to do better in some upcoming games, though. Notre Dame got past Michigan State to stay ranked, LSU beat Auburn, and Utah wins the Holy War, beating Brigham Young University 20-13. Aaron Murray sets the record for the longest pass in Georgia’s histoy, 98 yards, in their win over North Texas.

Some real weird things happening this week, though, with the first one being no upsets. That’s right, no upsets this week. I have no idea when the last time that happened was. As a matter of fact, Arizona State is the only ranked team to lose at all this week, and they lost to top 5 Stanford. Oregon leads the FBS in total offense and scoring, and they still haven’t give up a turnover yet this season. The University of Alabama at Birmingham played Northwestern and elected to kickoff at the start of the game AND after the half. To top that, Florida International requested that the time on the game clock keep running even after the ball goes out of bounds, and Louisville accepted. Can you even do that? Why would you want to play that team in the first place if you’re going to just rush to get it over with? I wonder what kind of stuff they’ll try to pull next week. Let’s keep an eye on it and then meet back here next week to discuss it, shall we?

ben flickYet again, this week, tragedy has struck a player in the NCAA. 19 year old Ben Flick, 19, who was redshirting for the Cincinatti Bearcats, was killed in a car wreck. 2 teammates and another person were in the car as well. Thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and families of these kids. On that note, we will see you all next week.

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