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by Tony on October 1, 2013

Drew_Brees_Saints_2008Well, the government has shut down, but Peyton Manning and Drew Brees sure haven’t. Denver killed Philly 52-20, marking the most points that the organization has ever scored in their 54 year history. Manning moves up to 16 TDs, the most ever in the first month of a season, passing Don Meredith’s record of 14 that he set all the way back in 1966 that was tied by the bag boy Kurt Warner in ’99. Manning is also one of only 2 to throw that many without an interception. The Saints moved to 4-0 by killing my Dolphins. Brees claimed his title of “Mr. Monday Night” as he went 30-39 for 413 yards and 4 touchdowns to win his 9th straight game on Monday Night Football. In the opening drive, he became one of 7 to pass for 47,000 yards, passing Fran Tarkenton to the be #6 passer of all-time. He also moved up to #4 passing John Elway on the career completion list. He’s had 10 400 yard games, second behind only Dan Marino who had a fitting 13. Miami drops to 40-39 lifetime on MNF, having played more on Monday Night Football than any other team in the history of the game. The Broncos have started 4-0 5 different times in team history, and got to the Super Bowl 4 of those times. For good measure, the Patriots have started 4-0 under Belichick 3 times including this season, and and the other 2, they went to the Super Bowl. Too early for a prediction?

EliFace1Also 4-0 after this week are the Broncos and the Seahawks (first time in franchise history). Nice comeback to win in overtime by the Seahawks. The 49ers fall to a disappointing 2-2, tied with the Cardinals for the most middle-of-the-road team in the NFC West. Also at 2-2 in the NFC are the Cowboys, who are surprisingly leading the East. What? Leading at 2-2? Yep, they suck this year so far. Philadelphia and the Washington RG3s are 1-3 each, and poor Eli hasn’t won a game yet. Good thing he has those commercial deals going for him, he seems to have lost the family gift. Maybe he left it in Detroit. It is starting to look that way.

Cincinnati Bengals v New England PatriotsLooking at the AFC, it’s the Patriots, Broncos and Chiefs at 4-0, with Jacksonville and Pittsburgh being the two who haven’t won yet. The Dolphins, Colts and Titans are 3-1 now, with everyone else being 2-2. Not a truly electrifying start for any one division at the quarter-season mark. In the NFL overall, we have the Broncos averaging 44.8 points per game, Roethlisberger saying the Steelers are the worst team in the league, Mark Sanchez is out for the season, Vince Wilfork may be out for good along with Dwight Freeney, and Matt Schaub joins Peyton Manning to be the only 2 quarterbacks who have thrown a house-call interception in 3 straight games. Weird, huh? Well, here are some positive things: Jake Locker won’t need surgery, could be back in less than a month, Matt Stafford has more yards in his first 50 games than any QB in NFL history, Tennessee is the second team in history to go the first 4 games without a turnover (95 Rams) and Larry Fitzgerald hits 10k yards and 80 TDs. That’s some crazy numbers. Watch out this week, and remember, the Raiders/Chargers will play in England Sunday, game starting at 11:35pm ET/8:35pm PT. Why so late? They’re in England, it’s at least, like 2 or 3 hours ahead of us. It’ll be interesting to see how that game goes!

img23910549On to the NCAA this week, Lane Kiffin is fired as the USC Trojans coach after his 7th loss in 11 games. Seriously, if this guy gets another job, get me the number of whoever his PR guy is, I need a coaching gig. The Texas AD DeLoss Dodds resigned this week as well. Looking for Mack Brown to be on his way out any time now, with my apologies to Lou Holtz for agreeing. Earl Campbell spoke up and agreed with that sentiment this past weekend as well. We’ll have to see how that plays out.

West_Virginia_MountaineerNotre Dame dropped out of the top 25 this week after their loss to number 11 Oklahoma. Maryland moves up to number 25 hoping to beat Florida State this weekend. Oklahoma State dropped ten places to number 21 after getting beat by West Virginia, who then went out and had a good ol’ WV riot. Florida moved back up to number 18 by beating Kentucky, whose leading rusher was their kicker. They jumped undefeated Michigan who fell a spot to number 19. Miami moved up to number 14, and we finish the poll this week with LSU, Texas A&M, Georgia and Alabama being the 4 SEC teams in the top 10. 3 of those teams have a loss, too, but not Bama. If you only count points scored by their defense and special teams, the Crimson Tide would still be 3-1. That’s crazy!

Big games to watch for this weekend are going to be Georgia at Tennessee, Florida State at Maryland, LSU at Mississippi State, Oklahoma at TCU, South Carolina at Kentucky, Miami at Georgia Tech, Baylor at West Virginia and Florida at Arkansas. Don’t miss them, we’ll meet back here next week and see where they all stand!

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