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by Tony on October 8, 2013

bildeWell that was certainly an upset weekend in the NFL. We started with the Browns beating the Bills, moving them up to 3-2 so far. Then, we say the Bengals beat the Patriots, and not only that, but the stopped Tom Brady streak of 52 straight games with a touchdown pass. Drew Brees gets to keep his record of 54. Brady and Brees meet next weekend. The Dolphins’ offensive line certainly looked offensive in their loss to the Ravens, in a rare circumstance when the reigning champions are considered the underdog. Andrew Luck turned it on and beat Russell Wilson and the Seahawks, knocking off another undefeated team. The Raiders were minus McFadden, but that didn’t matter to them as they rolled the Chargers, and finally, the Jets come back in the last minute to beat the Falcons, with Geno Smith becoming the second rookie to throw 3 TDs on Monday Night Football. The first one was 30 years ago, you guessed it, Dan Marino.

Julius_Thomas         The big news this week though, again, is Peyton Manning and the Broncos. They played a great game in Dallas, where Tony Romo had the best game of his career, but they couldn’t stop Denver as they took it 51-48. Now, I see a lot of talk about Romo choking and throwing the game away, but the way I see it, if you score 48 points and lose, your offense is NOT the problem. I can’t be too hard on a defense for getting picked apart by Peyton Manning, though, because I am not sure many could stop him and Julius Thomas. Welker also got his 7th touchdown, and that’s good, seeing as he only had 6 all of last year. Eli Manning, however, remains winless, at the bottom of the barrel with the Jaguars keeping him company.

NCAA Football: Maryland at Florida State         On to the NCAA, the ACC has 3 teams that are 5-0 for the first time in its 61 year history. That would be Clemson, Florida State and Miami. Of course, that can’t last, but it’s nice to see the Hurricanes and the Seminoles doing well, just like back when they were in the Big East. Clemson will play FSU soon, so there will only be 2, if they both make it until then. After that, in November, FSU plays Miami, so potentially none will be left. Florida schools did go 7-0 this past weekend, though, with the USF Bulls and Florida International University getting their first wins of the season. They play some tough schedules. Florida State also jumps Louisville and Georgia to go up to number 6, Miami stays at 14 and Clemson stays at 4.

Uga-VIIcrop         ’Bama rolls on, staying number 1 again, and Oregon stays number 2. There are 17 remaining undefeated FBS teams this year, and 8 of those are in the top 10. Texas A&M and Georgia are the two that have losses. Georgia’s game against Missouri will make their 4th game in the first 6 against ranked teams. If Missouri wins, and LSU beats Florida, Missouri will be leading the SEC East. What? That’s why UGA has a loss and they are still in the top ten. Virginia Tech only has 1 loss so far, and they made the poll this week, hopping up to number 25. We’ll see if anything changes this weekend when we get into the rivalry games. Speaking of rivalry games, Michigan held onto the Little Brown Jug when they beat Minnesota. The rivalry games are my favorite part of football. Get back here next week and we will find out who won what!


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