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Philip_Rivers-3Although Andrew Luck has 9 game winning drives in the 4th quarter or OT, an NFL record for the first 21 games, he came up short on Monday Night Football, losing a tough one on the road in San Diego. The game was almost blacked out for lack of ticket sales, but ESPN and a couple of local businesses chipped in and bought 9,000 tickets to lift the local TV blackout. This is the first time that’s been an issue on Monday Night Football since ’99. It would help if the Chargers weren’t on pace to miss the playoffs for the 4th straight year, though. Get it together, Philip Rivers! Speaking of needing to get it together, still winless this week are the Jags, Bucs and Giants. Come one, Eli. At some point it seems like you’re not applying yourself. There are rumors that say he’s being looked at for a trade to the Browns! Wouldn’t that mess up some fantasy teams? We’ll watch that pretty close, that would be big news.

ap-cowboys-romo-contract-football-4_3Other than that, it was a fairly quiet week in the NFL standings. Not a whole lot of upsets, Packers squeaking it out, Tom Brady coming from behind again to beat the Saints, Broncos cruising over Jacksonville, but we finally saw the Steelers get a win when they beat the Jets! Carolina beat the Vikings, and that was kind of unexpected, but it was a rough week in Minnesota. Rough week for the Redskins, too, as they fall to 3-3 in Dallas. Losing to Dallas is probably the worst thing they can do to their fans. Did that injury really mess up RGIII that bad or is it all of these people calling for them to change their name? All I know is, if they want to keep up their momentum that they had at the end of last season, they need to step it up and put all of that behind them and just go play football like Kansas City and Denver who stayed perfect this past weekend.

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at ArkansasOn to the NCAA, Utah messing up the top 5 knocking off Stanford who fell down to 13, which is going to knock Texas A&M on up the rankings to #7 despite barely winning over unranked Ole Miss. Kicker Josh Lambo walked on at A&M and then won that game, single-footedly keeping their title hopes alive. Over at the Red River Rivalry, unranked Texas drilled Oklahoma, and that’s got to make the Longhorns happy after the terrible start they’ve had this season. Oklahoma drops to #18. The biggest upset this week is unranked Penn State thumping form number 18 Michigan in 4 overtimes, knocking Michigan out of the AP this week. Miami broke the top 10 on a bye, but 1 Alabama and 2 Oregon are still cruising strong.

f99e8e_t607Huge news this week, Virginia Tech and the University of Tennessee have announced plans to play the Hokie-Smokey Classic at Bristol Motor Speedway on September 10, 2016, which is expected to shatter college football attendance records. The stands hold 160,000 fans, and they will be adding more seating on the track and infield closer to the field. The 2 teams, despite being heated rivals, have only played 8 times in the last 117 years, with the Volunteers leading the series 5-3. Their most recent game was won by VT 37-14 on 12/31/2009 in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl, and their first game was won by Tennessee 6-4, all the way back on, wow, 11/14/1896. History and tradition is the most prominent thing about college football that makes it better than all other levels for me. Hopefully we’ll soon have some BCS rankings released, and we can start looking for Heisman candidates and making bowl predictions. See ya back here next week!


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