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by Tony on October 22, 2013

jay-cutler-politicsIt was the upsets and injuries this week in the NFL. Jay Cutler is suffering from a muscle tear in his groin that he got during the Bears’ loss to the Redskins. Doug Martin, the RB from the Bucs has torn his labrum in their loss to the Falcons, and he won’t be making it back this year. Packers TE Jermichael Finley was in the ICU after hurting his neck against the Browns, no idea how long he’ll be out. Brian Cushing, the LB from Houston has torn his LCL and broken his fibula, and he will miss a significant amount of time over this. The Colts may have beat Peyton Manning on Sunday Night Football, but they lost Reggie Wayne for the season to a torn ACL. Ouch on both accounts!

hester.devin_.1Devin Hester tied the record for kicks returned for touchdowns at 19. Deion Sanders has congratulated him, calling him the best returner in the history of the league. For those that don’t remember “Primetime,” that’s huge, that’s like T.O. telling you that you’re a better receiver than he is. That reaction is longer odds than tying the record. On the opposite end of the spectrum, though, we have Freeman in Minnesota going a huge 35% on Monday Night Football. Nobody has stunk up a stadium that much since Eli (who beat him tonight) back in 06 when he went 32%. Not a good showing, Vikings. The Jets beat the Patriots, which put the AFC East Patriots then Jets then Dolphins. This leaves the Chiefs as the lone unbeaten team. Go figure that one out!

os-fsu-miami-20131021-001College football had Miami barely scraping by again North Carolina and Florida State blowing out Clemson in a huge upset win. Miami and Florida State will be playing each other next Saturday (November 2nd) at 8pm. That will be a big game for both schools. Some other big potential upsets this weekend will be 24 Nebraska at Minnesota, Uconn at 23 UCF, 15 Oklahoma playing 10 Texas Tech, 12 UCLA at 3 Oregon, 21 South Carolina at 5 Missouri and Tennessee laying at 1 Alabama. I wouldn’t place 100% of my money on any one of those games!

Nick-Saban-Alabama-Crimson-TideWe got the first BCS poll in the NCAA this weekend, and it looks pretty solid. A couple of surprises as Florida State jumps to number 2, and Missouri jumps up to number 5 after being number 25 two weeks ago. Of course, Bama is number 1 and Oregon is number 3, with Ohio State rounding out the top 5 at number 4. The rest of the top ten are Stanford at 6, Miami at 7, Baylor at 8, Clemson 9 and sitting at number 10 is Texas Tech. Is that more ACC teams in the top 10 than SEC? Wow! That hasn’t happened in quite some time. There’s still a lot of football to be played though, so let counting our eggs but watching them close to see which ones jump out of the basket!

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