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by Tony on October 29, 2013

Wild Card Playoffs - Seattle Seahawks v Washington Redskins       We had an excellent matchup on Monday Night Football this week, with Seattle surviving a last-second effort by St. Louis to get out of there with a win! Robert Quinn became the first Saint since Kevin Greene in 1988 to get 10 sacks in the first 8 games of a season, and Russell Wilson took more sacks than he ever has, but they still managed to come out on top with an impressive goal-line stand. Mainly because they had 200 yards rushing then on the last play of the game on the 1 yard line, St. Louis decided to bring in their backup quarterback try a post route toss towards the sideline in the end zone. This was obviously decided on because of the “no good reason whatsoever” incident. Oh well, bad decision, Rams. That should have been your comeback game, and you went 5-wide with no backs when the game was on the line. They should have at least made them think about the run.

images       Someone that does have a great passing game, though, is Detroit. My Lord, Megatron is beasting out. He has 6 200+ yard receiving games in last few seasons. Nobody else even has 6 games with that many, and he played most of last year with a broken finger. The guy had 329 yards against Dallas. That’s the second highest in NFL history in a single game, video game numbers. The Lions sit at 5-3 in second place in the NFC North, the Packers leading at 5-2. Speaking of the NFC North, Chicago isn’t doing too shabby, being 4-3. Matter of fact, when they play at Green Bay next Monday Night, it will be the only game in week 9 where both teams have winning records. That says something about how crazy the games have gone so far this year!

drew_brees_neworleans_200710_ap       Drew Brees got his 343rd TD pass over the weekend, tying Tom Brady for 4th on the all-time list, with Dan Marino, Peyton Manning and Brett Favre above him. Rodgers is pretty far down on the list, but he’s only 29, and he completed 96.2% of his passes this weekend if you ditch the throwaways. That’s nuts! He should have a good long while to work on it, though, the Pack is pretty loyal. Matter of fact, 50 out of 53 of their players have never played for another team. Speaking of loyal, Arizona GM Steve Keim has cleared up the rumors and said that Fitzgerald is not for trade. I tell you who may be on the way out, though, is Michael Vick. He may not be able to go next weekend, and he may not find his way back to being a starter. Tough break if he can’t get back, he worked pretty hard after all of his drama to get back to being a starter. I guess we’ll see!

South-Carolina-Gamecocks-Mascot-Monday       We certainly saw Missouri not last long at number 5 this weekend in the NCAA, losing to South Carolina, but keeping their longest-active streak of 38 games with a forced fumble. As a Miami fan, I was glad to see that, btu then Stanford jumped Miami, so they stayed the same spot anyway. Florida State is currently a 21.5 favorite over Miami for Saturday. Whew, I certainly hope the ‘Canes can do something, but realistically, it’s a long shot. This is the first time since 1995 that an unbeaten top 10 team is an underdog by 21 points, the last being #2 Nebraska favored 23.5 over #8 Kansas State. Nebraska covered the spread, too, so that doesn’t bode very well. I have been placing my picks each week lately pretty much in line with Vegas odds, though, and they’ve not really paid off, so I am hoping Miami can do something!

Sebastian_the_Ibis.jpg 1804×2708 pixels       This is Miami’s longest win streak since 03-04, and will be the 12th time that FSU and The U meet up when both of them are in the top 10. Miami is 8-3 in the previous top 10 matchups. Not counting season openers, this will be 9th game between them when they are both unbeaten. Miami is 5-3 in those previous games. In the last 16 games, they are 8-8, with FSU’s average score being 25 and Miami’s 24. They have almost identical stats over those games as well. This is the 9th time in Miami’s history that they are 7-0. 6 of those times, they have either made it to the National Championship Game or a bowl that is now considered a BCS Bowl. The one time they didn’t was 1926, and they ended up undefeated. They continue to give me a heart attack week after week, and I am sure this week will be no different, but this is the first top 10 rivalry game this season, and not much else has changed in the BCS picture, so let’s keep an eye on the field on Saturday and meet back here next Tuesday to talk about it!

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