by Garv on November 6, 2013

Tales From the Crypt, Season 1Looks like Cadderly’s neck is on the chopping block yet again.

Last week, we told you that we’d have more of Jake’s posts going up. Well, thanks to Billy’s crappy job, they didn’t make it. Apparently, this whole automation thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

So, we’re making our screwup your chance at winning!

In honor of the recent holiday of Halloween, we’re going to give away Tales From The Crypt, Season 1 on DVD.

You can find the link (and all sorts of other good stuff) over on our Facebook page, or you can check it out here:

Cadderly’s Screwup DVD Giveaway

Garv says:

Readers of QRE, you have my utmost heartfelt apologies that these articles weren’t released when they were supposed to be. They will be out, released over the course of this week. 
This contest will start at midnight tonight (November 7th) and will run until the 14th, also at midnight. Enter as often as you can, and thanks for keeping up with Quiet Room Entertainment! We’ve got more contests coming up for the holidays, so stay tuned!


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