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New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers       We had some interesting happenings around the NFL this weekend. The Dolphins sat Incognito out on Monday Night, and they sure felt it, letting Tampa Bay pick up their first win of the season. Martin is now undergoing mental therapy and says he probably won’t return for anyone the rest of the season. This hurts the Dolphins’ O-Line pretty bad, but they still have one week left to sign someone. They’d better, because Tannehill is now the most sacked QB in a single season in the history of the Dolphins, and we’re barely halfway through the season. Speaking of signing, guess who is back with the Packers? That’s right, Matt Flynn, after the Pack lost to Philadelphia. It really hurts when Rodgers is gone.

wk-10-weekend-notes-rob-ryan-inline-3601       A couple of guys who are back from injuries this week, though, are Percy Harvin up in Seattle and Peyton Manning. The Broncos collectively held their breath after he was hurt Sunday, but an MRI shows that there is no new damage in his ankle. New Orleans set the NFL record with 40 first downs in a game. What? That’s right, forty! That’s pretty good against the Cowboys, but it seems that Jerry Jones is feeling pretty stupid about firing Rob Ryan, seeing as the Cowboys had a total of 43 plays all game. Seriously? Even better than that, though, the Giants that we laughed at during the first part of the year are at .333, which means if they can win next week they will be within a game of first place. I can’t believe the way this season is shaping up! Pretty soon, we’ll start to see the Wildcard picture a bit more clear.

s_stanford_mascot_i       Florida State got a big prayer answered when Stanford took out Oregon. The Ducks were making a comeback when time ran out, and this dropped them back to 6, so if Florida State wins out, they should have no problem making it to the National Championship Game. Let’s hope Jameis Winston gets some contacts before this game. Alabama hopes to meet them there and claim their billionth title in 3 decades, but they’re going to have to get past Auburn in the Iron Bowl to do it. Ohio State feels as if they deserve a shot, seeing as their receivers are saying things such as “I think we’d wipe the field with both of them,” and even if they could, their strength of schedule sucks pretty bad. Maybe next year, Urban Meyer!

Johnny-Manziel       Speaking of next year, Manziel will likely be in the NFL, so he has probably played his last home game as an Aggie. Kyle Field will also never be the same, undergoing some serious renovations, but let’s hope they can rebuild down there and come back better than ever. Of course, I am not hoping they come back better than Miami. Maybe we can get a defense next year, and throw a lot less picks. It’s still possible to end up in a BCS bowl this year, though, so who knows. There are still 4 SEC teams in the top 10 BCS standings, though, and one of them has the same record as the Hurricanes, who dropped to number 23. Central Florida is up to number 17 right now, though, so that’s interesting. The rankings at this point are anyone’s guess, though, we’re just going to have to stick around, watch some rivalries and see who ends up getting bowl invites next month!

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