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by Tony on November 19, 2013

hi-res-183460110-julius-thomas-of-the-denver-broncos-yells-after-running_crop_exactWe had one heck of a weekend in the NFL, with the Broncos finally ensuring that the 1972 Dolphins remain the only undefeated team in NFL history by beating the Chiefs in Denver. The Chiefs’ last loss was December of 2012, oddly enough also in Denver. Manning only picked up one TD when he went 24-40 and they didn’t quite hit their 41 points-per-game average, but I am sure they’ll take the win. I’m sure Chicago will take theirs, too, coming in overtime against the Ravens after a crazy weather delay when torandos touched down and leveled some towns close to Chicago. Flacco threw two interceptions, and the Bears picked up points from both of them. That hurts the Ravens, but they seem to have been in rebuilding mode all year.

CamNewtonSpeaking of rebuilding, the Redskins are surprise rebuilding this year, but they may also be repainting their team bus that got egged by Eagles fans before Philly beat them. The Giants drilled Green Bay who is just horrible without Aaron Rodgers, and Miami managed to salvage enough of their offensive line to beat San Diego. Tom Brady got crinkled by Cam Newton on Monday Night Football, when the refs threw a flag for pass interference for someone riding on top of Gronk, but since the pass was intercepted and didn’t make it all the way to the receiver, they picked up the flag and called it a no-flag, because the interference never developed because the ball didn’t make it to Gronk. The Panthers rejoiced, Brady chewed the refs out and Belichick barely said anything at all to the reporters at his press conference. I’d be upset too if I thought I had got honked off on a bad call, but in this case, I agree with the refs, and that’s not just my anti-Patriots bias, either. Oh well, they’ll keep chugging.

usc-stanford-roundupThinking of college football now, we saw Johnathan Martin on the sidelines this past weekend, but not for the Dolphins. He was on the sidelines when USC beat Stanford, knocking Stanford back to number 9. It’s odd to think you can lose to an unranked team this time of year and only lose a couple of spots, but hey, we have some top 10 teams that have multiple losses, while Michigan State stays at number 13 with one loss. Texas A&M’s wins haven’t been that amazing this year, either, but they’re up at number 12. Sometimes, the polls just don’t make any sense. I know what does make sense, though, number 1 Alabama and number 2 Florida State University. If Bama can get past the Iron Bowl and FSU can win out, this will be our title game at the Rose Bowl in January.

ricardo-louis-topAuburn’s Ricardo Louis came up with the “immaculate deflection” this past weekend to beat Georgia. For some reason, some people must have been expecting Georgia to win this game, even though they’re unranked and Auburn is number 6. Michigan took Northwestern in 3 overtimes this past Saturday, and Duke has knocked Miami all the way off of the polls by beating them 48-30. The loss of the running back has severely crippled the Hurricanes, showing that they were mostly one-dimensional for that 7-0 run. Also one-dimensional was Florida, who lost to South Carolina. It’s been a rough year for the other 2 Florida teams this year, but FSU hopes to bring it all home for the sunshine state. Let’s keep watch on them and see if the bowl picture starts clearing up more after next week!

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