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by Tony on November 26, 2013

032013-boldin-headerWell, it looks like I finally won my weekly office pool this year, thanks to the Redskins losing at home to the 49ers. It actually came down to points, but I handled that as well. Looking over the rest of the NFC, at 6-5 Dallas and Philadelphia are looking good in the east, Detroit and Chicago are looking good in the north, at 9-2 the Saints are looking very good in the south, slightly above 8-3 Carolina, and the Seahawks are looking best of all at 10-1 in the west, right above Arizona and San Francisco, who are both at 7-4. The Packers are at 5-5, but they play Detroit on Thanksgiving Day, and there is a slim to none chance of Aaron Rodgers playing, so who knows how that will turn out.

mathisx-largeColts OLB Robert Mathis set the NFL career record for sack forced fumbles Sunday with 40.  Moreno had a video-game stats night Sunday with 37 carrier for 224 yards in Denver’s loss to Tom Brady, which makes Denver not the Super Bowl favorite by odds-makers for the first  time this year. Seattle is now the favorite. Around the AFC, New England is atop the east at 8-3, with the Jets and the Dolphins right behind at 5-6. That will be settled Sunday.  In the north, the Bengals are 7-4, with Pittsburgh and Baltimore sitting at 5-6. In the south, Indianapolis is 7-4 and Tennessee is 5-6, and in the west, Denver and Kansas City are both 9-2 with San Diego at 5-6. There is a lot of mediocrity in the AFC this year. It will be interesting to see how the playoff picture shapes up in the weeks to come.

Georgia Southern Florida Football.JPEG-006b5On to the NCAA, Georgia Southern throttled Florida Saturday, leading them to say they’ll fire their offensive coordinator and offensive line coach after the Florida State game.  Tough break, they’ve had great potential this year, but it didn’t get lived up to. LSU beat Texas A&M, knocking A&M down to 21 while LSU moved up to 17, pretty much irrelevant for the rest of this year’s BCS. Interesting, though, is that if North Carolina loses to Duke and
Virginia Tech beats Virginia Saturday, then Tech would play Florida State in the ACC Championship game. Even nicer, though, if Miami beats Pitt and Virginia beats Virginia Tech, then there’s a four-way tie among Duke, Georgia Tech, North Carolina and Miami, with the Yellow Jackets and the Hurricanes being 2-1 conference, and Miami would go to the ACC title game because of their win over Georgia Tech earlier this year. Let’s hope.

imagesThe number 1 Crimson Tide keeps on rolling, though, scoring 7 touchdowns with 7 different players on Saturday. Wow. Those guys might have to beat themselves in the National Championship Game, because i am not sure anyone else will get to. First, though, they have to get past the Iron Bowl against number 4 Auburn! That’s going to be a GREAT game, and it’s coming up this Saturday, so tune in with me and let’s see if the Tigers can dethrone the reigning champion Crimson Tide! See you all next week!

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