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by Tony on December 3, 2013

yahoo_russellwilsonbargainWell, we’re starting to see the playoff picture shape up a little bit. The Seahawks clinched their berth with a win over the Saints on Monday Night Football, and the Vikings are eliminated. The Seahawks can thank Russell Wilson, because he threw for 310 yards and 3 touchdowns. That’s not too shabby for a guy that almost went undrafted because he’s short. The defense held up pretty well, too, making 7 points the fewest scored on the Saints defense since Sean Payton became the coach in 2006. Harvin didn’t play tonight, either, he’s out with his hip hurting until the playoffs. I look for him to be a super-explosive target once he returns. Maybe the odds-makers are right, because Seattle definitely looked like a championship team tonight! Pete Carroll certainly knows what he’s doing.

112612-nick-foles-600In the AFC, not a single team has been eliminated from the playoff picture yet, and there are only 4 games remaining! I look for Houston to go out first, seeing as they only have 2 wins on the season, and then Jacksonville with their 3, but all of them still have a chance. That’s almost crazy that you can be 2-10 or 3-9 and still get in the playoffs.  That’s how it goes, though, the playoff race is a time of magic, when players rise to the occasion like they never have before, all in the name of getting that ring. Denver still sits atop the AFC at 10-2, with New England right behind along with Kansas City at 9-3.  Maybe we’ll know more about the wild card hunt in the next couple of weeks. Who will make the playoffs? Will Nick Foles break Aaron Rodger’s single-season passer rating record?  Unless you’re the Shadow, keep watching with me and we’ll find out!

hi-res-184014276-interim-head-coach-ed-orgeron-of-the-usc-trojans-raises_crop_northIn college, this was an epic weekend. Steve Sarkisian, former head coach of the University of Washington, has accepted the head coaching position at USC. Ed Orgeron has resigned.   He would have probably been offered the head coaching job at USC if he had managed to beat UCLA over the weekend, but the Trojans don’t put up with losses to rivals. Nobody does, really, but I was expecting Coach O to take over, seeing as he was 6-2 as interim head coach and all of the players love him and the fans wanted him, too, but it’s not my call, and the University certainly knows who they want more than I do. 80% of USC fans are not happy with hiring Coach Sarkisian, with only 7% of fans supporting the hire. Oh well, we’ll have to see how he does. They’re looking for a Pete Carroll replacement anyway, and I am not so sure those are easy to come by.

aub-marshall-iron-bowl-2013Speaking of losing rivalry games, though, the big story this weekend is Alabama losing to Auburn in the Iron Bowl. Coach Saban fought to put a second back on the clock so he could try for a field goal, and he got it, but that field goal was blocked by the Tigers and then caught and subsequently ran 109 yards for a touchdown. The NCAA has new rules this year, so it only counts as 100 yards, but it was a total 109-yard run, and it would have even been a touchdown in touch football. Coach Saban was highly upset at this, very stoic at his press conference. He said he’s never lost a game like that or seen a game lost like that, and I believe I have seen in in the last 3 years, but it’s certainly not common.  He definitely bumbled by not having a deep safety just in case that happened, but it’s not your most commong scenario. Alas, no SEC on deck for the title game right now, as #2 THE Ohio State University plays Michigan State this weekend and #1 Florida State plays Duke in the ACC Championship game. If both of them win convincingly, Auburn may not jump tOSU, and I might get to go see tha B1G and the ACC in Pasadena. Let’s watch the conference games next weekend and see who gets invited the their bowls!

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Garv December 3, 2013 at 13:16

So what do you think about Tomlin’s antics on the sideline? Was he doing it on purpose? Should they be fined heavily, up to and including a draft pick?

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