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by Tony on December 10, 2013

tom-brady-landov2While we were watching the NFL this weekend, the International Olympic Committee approved American Football!   Hopefully this will promote development in other countries and give us a lot more players in the end.   There’s certainly no shortage of competition now, though, with the Patriots being the second team in the league history to have 11 consecutive 10-win seasons, along with the 1983-1998 49ers.  That’s some pretty elite company there, Tom Brady.  Adrian Peterson is still on track to have the best-ever running back season as well, but he is listed as unlikely for this coming weekend, so he might not get there.  Let’s hope he gets healthy and can get back quick!

120813_EaglesLions_KRG0597We had some epic snow games this past weekend, and it’s about time!  Philadelphia handled Detroit in a pretty hefty downpour, and KC dismantled Washington in their own snow-globe. Pretty fun to see, especially getting close to the playoffs. The Colts have clinched their division, and the Broncos and Seahawks have clinched wild-cards. Our playoff runs are starting to shape up, so don’t lose interest now! We’ve got just a few more weeks left for football this year, and then we jump to the Super Bowl and those terrible days of waiting on next football season!

Mack_Brown_Texas_Horns_up2Over in the NCAA this weekend, we’ve had tons of rumors about who is going to coach Texas. ESPN reports that Mack Brown is stepping down, Mack Brown says he’s not, University Officials say he is, he gets all defensive and says he wouldn’t be recruiting right now if he was going to.  Who knows, and who knows who will replace him?  Saban has been on the tip of everyone’s tongue this past week, when an unconfirmed source said he had agreed to take the Texas job.   Alabama  responded by throwing a ton of money at him and giving him a contract extension, so that should keep him in place, but you never know.

bowl_bcs_2014_80x80Speaking of Alabama, the BCS released their bowl games Sunday, with the Crimson Tide playing the Oklahoma Sooners in the Allstate Sugar Bowl on January 2nd. Baylor will be playing the University of Central Florida in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl on New Year’s Day. Michigan State will be playing Stanford in the Rose Bowl presented by VIZIO on New Year’s Day. Clemson will play Ohio State in the Discover Orange Bowl on January 3rd, and Florida State will play Auburn on January 6th in the VIZIO BCS National Championship Game. We’ll see you in Pasadena!

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