Holiday memories last a lifetime

by Ryan on December 14, 2013

This year put your cell phones away,  and spend time with your loved ones.  Be honest, how many of your families look like this during the holidays? ————>  When you lose those closest to you, they never come back.  Do you want to look back at the last few Thanksgiving Dinners you had with your Mom, or Dad and not be able to recall anything at all?  I bet you won’t remember those texts that were so important it took your attention away from them.  I can go to the movies at any time and spot the type, they are too busy having their face stuck in their cellphone, not listening to what could be the final story they ever hear their dad ever tell.  They are easy to spot, because they just paid $7 to get into the movie…and they are texting during the movie.  (A rant for another time)


cell lock up

This is one solution! (Google ”Cell Phone Jail” you’ll find plenty!)  Nothing ticks me off more than having to repeat myself to one of my dumb-shit nephews, because they have their head down looking at their cell phone under the table.  You can find one of these pretty easy. They are HIGH on  my list of things every family needs for the Holidays!  If you have a family member that can’t give you 2 or 3 hours of their attention, snatch their phone from them and drop it in one of these babies.   While a “cell phone jail” is extreme, you know if you have someone who needs it.  What is worse than having to tell a grown up to put their toys away while at the table?


I hope you have a joyous and memorable holiday season.  Finding a way to spend quality time with your family is an amazing feeling.  I enjoy sitting around the table playing board games with my family!  Most every family can sit around and play cards or a good game of Ticket to Ride!  Remember as long as you are together (Really together not everyone in the same room texting someone else) you will find ways to make memories!  You may find yourself making memories with your family more than just during the holidays by playing games or watching a good TV show everyone enjoys!  If you are interested in finding a nice game to play with your family,  I recommend Cavalier Comics in Wise, Va.  I’ve went there since I was 11 or 12 years old, and the owner Brian is always helpful, and he has a great selection of games, comics, and collectibles!  Check him out in Wise, next to The Cleaners on Glade street!

Feel free to e-mail me at tell me what games you like playing, and I’ll get you pointed in the right direction!

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